Penny Auctions Heat Up For Shopping Season

The summer months are typically slow for penny auction sites. The search traffic is down, people are outside more and people are spending money on vacations and similar things. Summer time is the slower season for penny auctions.

With the final few weeks of the dog days of summer on us, we are already starting to see an increase in the number of people searching for penny auction sites to get great deals on. Bidders are pulling out the check book and buying bids in hopes of getting great deals once again.

Hot Penny Auctions Right Now

  • Quibids – This site is setting the bar very high for the penny auction industry. Actually the entertainment auction industry as Quibids likes to be called. They have the largest variety of products and are the least risky of the bunch.
  • Beezid – Constantly running promotions makes this site one that is always worth having an account at. They are also constantly offering double up bid pack purchases if you are willing to invest in the bids. This site is fricking competitive. I seem to either win really really cheap deals or get stuck losing a boat load of bids at Beezid penny auction.
  • Happy Bid Day – Still a great smaller site to bid. The site is fun and has been around for quite a while. Not a small feat in the world of penny auctions.

As you get ready to battle for bargains this fall, load up on bids at one of the above penny bidding sites and good luck in the auctions.

Busier Sites Means Harder To Win Items?

Not really. Sure the sites themselves will have more traffic, however they will also have more auctions. The sites know there is a healthy balance between auction volume and levels of traffic. You have to have enough auctions to entice enough members to purchase and spend bids while not having so many that the auctions go for so cheap the site loses money overall. That is one reason we strongly recommend going with an established penny auction site like the three mentioned above. If you are like me, and want to bid on precious metals, you will need to bid on HappyBidday or Skoreit, they are the two penny auctions with gold and silver.

Good luck out there bidding for bargains at your favorite penny auction sites of 2012!

About Auction Junkie

The Auction Junkie, better known just as "Spry" grew up in the country in the foothills of north Georgia. I began playing competitive games like chess and backgammon at a very young age. I began playing poker somewhat seriously a year before Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP and have been doing so every since. Making the leap to penny auctions came fairly easy as penny auctions are strategic games with similar aspects to poker, chess and gambling in general.
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