HDTV Penny Auction Sites

Virtually every established penny auction site has HDTV’s in their regular auction line up. However, there are important considerations you should judge prior to trying to win a TV from a penny auction. This page will break down some different factors to consider before choosing one particular penny bidding site over another.

Penny Auctions with HDTVS for Auction

Since HDTV’s are a common high end item across all of the penny auction sites they can be had for steals if you pick the right auction and do not get un-lucky. Let’s take a quick look at what penny auction sites have HDTV’s in their auction.

Best Overall Penny Auction for HD TV’s

We like Quibids.com if we have to pick just one site for everyone searching the web and finding this page. However one of the other sites may very well be more suited to you, your spending limit, your risk tolerance, your knowledge of penny auctions, your penny auction experience and what kind of HDTV do you want to win. Let’s break down a few key considerations about choosing a good auction site to win an HDTV.

Your Risk Level – How Much Are You Willing To Risk Loosing?

Depending on how much money you are willing to risk losing trying to win a huge flat screen HDTV cheap will help us determine which penny auction site might be the best fit for you.

Low Risk – Quibids and BidRivals are your choices here if you do not want to risk losing money and are willing to pay retail in order to avoid doing so. Both of these penny auction sites offer buy it now programs that let you use any money spent on bids towards purchasing the item out right.

On these sites, if you are willing to pay their ‘buy it now price’ in bids trying to win the TV auction (if you have to), then you can essentially take a free shot at winning a HDTV for an incredible deal. Be warned however that if you are not willing to pay their ‘buy it now price’ then these sites are no less risky than sites that do not have the buy one now feature. In fact, they are in general a bit tougher to win because your competition can just decide to ‘go to bin’ running you up. If you are not willing to pay full retail, then you should consider talking some shots at a higher risk site.

Higher Risk Penny Auctions – High risk, high reward. BidCactus, Beezid & Happy Bid Day because these sites do not offer a buy it now. This increases the risk for everyone and this means that you can use this to your advantage. People do not want to lose their money so if you can convince them that you are not going to lose this auction and they may as well quit wasting their bids now then you can win incredible deals. Playing at a No “BIN” site adds risk, which you can use to your advantage.

Personal note, I like the sites without buy it now because I like for my competition to have a risk of losing money and letting me win incredible deals. The only exception is if I am shopping for a very specific item and I am willing to pay the penny sites retail price, which is usually a good percentage more than I could find online with some discount shopping.

Higher risk penny auctions are in general the place to go to take a shot at the really incredible deals. I’m talking about the big screen tv’s for pennies on the dollar in total money spent on bids, auction ending price and even shipping. You can win these deals on the higher risk penny auctions, which makes sense when you think about it. If you want the cheapest deals and are willing to risk some money to make it happen then try one of these sites when you take your shots.

How Big Do You Want your HDTV To Be

Depending on what kind of TV and how big of a tv you want to win will help you narrow down your search of the best penny auction for big screens. Let’s be honest, none of the penny auctions are auctioning off the worlds biggest TV, the Panasonic 152″ Plasma flat screen. The first HDTV I won was a 22” HDTV that was sized more like a computer monitor (and what it is used for now) than a TV for the bedroom, which we needed. I was estatic to win it but after setting it up it was a little bit too small. I ended up winning a 42” plasma next (too big) and finally took down a 32” LCD from LG that fits perfectly. The relatives appreciated the 42” flatscreen.

Biggest HDTV’s – Beezid and Quibids are your best choices for the huge HDTV’s including the 3d HDTV’s and even models like the Sony Bravia. I have seen up to 60” HDTV’s being auctioned off on Beezid and Quibids is so large that they have massive TV’s for auction fairly often.

Medium Sized HDTV’s – BidRivals, Quibids and BidCactus fit the bill here offering a wide range of HDVT’s that most would consider the middle sized ones. They come from 32” to 42” HDVT’s are common at most of these sites. We have seen incredible deals on these TV’s.

Smaller HDTV’s – HappyBidDay and Quibids are our top picks and these you can sometimes find an incredible deal on.

Best Penny Auction Site for a Cheap HDTV Win

To get the cheapest win and the absolute best deal on a TV you are going to have to bid at one of the riskier penny auction sites that do not offer a buy it now feature. We feel that in todays penny auction world, the penny auction site that offers you a great chance to win a HDTV cheap is BidCactus.

Strategy to win a HDTV at a Penny Auction Site

Buy enough bids to Battle. The bare minimum at BidCactus we could saw would be at least 150 bids for $89.99 – click here to get this deal. Use a name specific to winning a TV. A name that tells the competition that you are never stopping on this TV and will not be out bid (however you get that worded into a name, something like ‘ThisTVallBIDS’ or something like that would do it. Watch at least two tv auctions from start to finish and see if you can predict within a few dozen bids how much longer the auction has until it is over.

How Easy is Winning an HDTV at a Penny Auction Site

Honestly, TV’s are not one of the easy items to win at a penny auction site. This is because of their near universal demand even from casual bidders who may not be going to the penny auction site specifically for a particular item but they see a sweet looking flat screen and decide that this penny auction is for them and get involved. The good news is that they are a common item and virtually a staple at the majority of the penny auction sites.

You can win a TV, just be sure you utilize winning penny auction strategies and do not risk more than you are prepared to lose! If you are going to take the riskier option and play at a site like Beezid then you really need to read my guide on how to win on beezid that walks you through how to use the bidding tools and gives you some strategies and ideas to help you win more.

Good luck out there!