How to Win Free Bids on QuiBids

Many people who are interested in doing penny auctions want to try it out with free bids before they spend real money.  One common search term for QuiBids is “QuiBids promo codes.”  There are no QuiBids promo codes at all however, and this is according to QuiBids’ website.  That doesn’t mean you can’t still win free bids on QuiBids.

Here are a couple of ways you can save money on penny auctions on one of the biggest penny auction sites.

  • Achievements – QuiBids routinely hands out free bids to users who earn achievements.  There are many different ways you can earn achievements on QuiBids.  The achievement system is the company’s way of rewarding loyal customers.  So if you win an auction, you may receive an achievement badge, which then converts to free bids.  If you place a certain amount of bids in QuiBids auctions, even if you don’t actually win anything, you might also be rewarded with an achievement point and free bids.  
  • Refer a Friend – Another way to get free bids on QuiBids is to refer your friends to the site.  QuiBids appreciates customers who make the effort to spread the word.  In return for three successful recruitments, QuiBids will reward you with the Top Recruiter Badge, an achievement which comes with 25 free bids you can use on any auction which accepts free bids.  
  • Prize Free Bids – There are also auctions on QuiBids which allow you to win bids as part of the prize.  These auctions usually include another item as well, which might be an electronic item, something for the household, or a gift card.  There are numerous possibilities.  Packaged along with the item however are free bids that you can use on future auctions.  The bids you receive if you win one of these auctions are called “voucher bids.”  You cannot use them to discount an item if you use “Buy Now,” but you can use them to reduce the cost of bidding on an item.  You need to use them within 9 months of winning them however or they will go away.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can win free bids on QuiBids.  These are all easy and fun methods of reducing your expenditures.  Sometimes QuiBids also hosts contests and giveaways, so head over to the QuiBids blog regularly to see what new opportunities are available.  We also post updates on QuiBids giveaways here, so check back often!

Get those bids rolling at Quibids today!

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