Participate in the Magnificent Seven Shopping Fandango at Beezid

There’s always something exciting going on over at, the penny auction site where you can win electronics, car accessories, household goods, and other items at stellar savings.  Right now the big event is the Magnificent Seven Shopping Fandango, which started on September 15th.  While it’s a seven-day event, the seven days are spread out between the 15th of September and the 6th of October, and the great news is that if you weren’t already involved in the fun on the 15th, you’ve only missed out on one.

On the 20th of the month (Thursday), you’ll be able to participate in the Shopping Spree Bonanza, an opportunity to score a shopping spree between 6 pm and 11:59 pm EDT.  Day 3 will take place on the 23rd of September (Sunday).  This event is Apple Items Only! And will take place from noon until 5:59 pm EDT.  This will be a special event featuring Apple computer products.  

Day 4 is Free Shipping – Plus, Plus!  The event will take place on the 26th of September (Wednesday) from 6 pm to 11:59 pm EDT.  This event is exactly what it sounds like.  If you win during one of the auctions, you’ll be able to receive your items with no shipping charge.  Day 5 will take place on the 29th of September (Saturday) from noon to 11:59 pm EDT.  This event will freeze prices at 99 percent off the retail value on all items that auction during the time period.  That means you’re guaranteed to lock in those savings if you win.  

Day 6 will be a day for Tech Items Only!  This event will run from 6 pm to 11:59 EDT on Thursday, the 4th of October.  Items on auction will include tablets, Blu-Ray players and more.  

Day 7 will be Price Freeze & All Bids Back.  This event will take place from noon until 11:59 EDT on Saturday, October 6th.  The prices will be frozen with a guaranteed discount of 80 percent off retail value.  Some items will go for even cheaper.  You’ll also get back all of your bids at the end of the auction, even if you don’t win.

It’s going to be a fun time on Beezid, and the word is that there are also going to be some exclusive promo codes coming out for use on the special auctions.  

Keep an eye on our updates and on Beezid’s website to make sure you get the most out of the fun and savings.

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