RIP SkoreIt! – SkoreIt Bought By Beezid

It’s a sad day for me in some aspects today. My all time favorite penny auction site has officially had their last auction. The skype message from a friend of mine today read ‘RIP SkoreIt’ and when you go to you are re-directed to which says ‘SkoreIt and Beezid Are Joining Forces’ and it shows the Ref from SkoreIt and the Bee from Beezid exchanging SI bids for Beezid bids.

Why This Sucks For SkoreIt Bidders

I have to admit, the writing on the wall for SkoreIt has been there for a while. The regulars who were not banned from SkoreIt were pretty much proclaiming that the end was nigh for months now and that they were a site that was circling the drain.

Top Five Reasons This Sucks For SkoreIt Bidders

  • Beezid sells bids cheap. Often at 3×1. SI did not do this (other than for a short while). This means a ‘SI’ bid is theoritically worth ‘more’ than a Beezid bid.
  • No clicking on bidder names for strategic information on Beezid – This feature really allowed for strategic play on SkoreIt. Can’t do so on Beezid
  • No gold or silver on Beezid. This was my personal favorite target on SkoreIt
  • Some crazy deep stacks on Beezid. Some really heavy hitters were bidding there, or were not too long ago (I haven’t bid too much lately).
  • To really be competitive you have to have a software like Beezid Pro

I found out about SkoreIt just a little over 2 years ago. As a matter of fact, playing on SI really helped me get through a very difficult point of time in my life. It was something refreshing and unique to do that gave me focus and just honestly ‘something to do’ while my wife was recovering from a serious illness and we spent many days in the hospital. It personally makes me sad to see them go. They really allowed for strategic game play. Bidding on SI is different than anywhere I have bid on. More entertaining, more rewarding, more challenging and more competitive and frustrating. All together made it such a fun place to bid.

Regardless, I am quite happy with my lifetime Stats on SkoreIt and my overall ROI was through the roof.

What Do SkoreIt Bidders Do Now?

If you were a former SkoreIt player all you have to do is go to and it will automatically re-direct you to the Beezid landing page where you can enter your SI account and have your bids transferred over to your new account on Beezid.

If you have accounts at both sites there is a tab to check when you move over. I haven’t moved over my SI account yet as I didn’t have any bids there. Has anyone done so already? Can you choose which name you keep?

Final SkoreIt Thoughts? (Leave Yours Below Too!)

I wish things would have went differently for SI. I loved bidding there. I encouraged them to get an affiliate program and let affiliates drive traffic to them but from my understanding, the CEO was against it. Poker affiliates were actively looking for something new to promote and SI fit right in with the poker players. I feel we affiliates could have driven a ton of players to the site that would have led to many more battles and way more bids bought and spent winning the same items over the past 2 years. I think things could have been different.

I hope Beezid is successful with the acquisition and I wish them the best of luck.

Good luck out there!

SkoreIt, you were fun while you lasted!

P.S. A lot of people have been wondering what the Auction Junkie has been up to since SkoreIt went down. Well, I’ve moved on from Penny Auctions (notice not much posting on here anymore) and I’m now making some money trading binary options. is a good website to learn how to trade and you can find the best binary options trading sites on this page.

About Auction Junkie

The Auction Junkie, better known just as "Spry" grew up in the country in the foothills of north Georgia. I began playing competitive games like chess and backgammon at a very young age. I began playing poker somewhat seriously a year before Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP and have been doing so every since. Making the leap to penny auctions came fairly easy as penny auctions are strategic games with similar aspects to poker, chess and gambling in general.
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Comments, Reviews & Ratings From Real Bidders
15 Ratings
Pharme8 — June 12, 2013

Hello! edkebga interesting edkebga site! I’m really like it! Very, very edkebga good!

cindy gibbons — January 5, 2013

does anyone know of a site where they don’t have auto bidders? Also on deal dash i was bidding on a 600.00 camera…twice the clock went to 00:00:00 in which I would have won both times 6 seconds later they started over again!! Is there anyway to sue to at least get my camera …If I remember correctly, the contract states once the timer hit 00:00:00 the previous bidder wins.

Jossy — November 4, 2012

My favriote penny My favriote penny auction site is quickbid.Co.Cc last time I used it there was a bug which locked your bid in at what ever it currently is at, all you needed to do is hold the insert button while putting in a bid. It’s best to do it right when a bid is closest to closing and late at night whenever theres less people bidding. I have obtained literally 1000s of dollars worth of stuff for less than one hundred dollars, penny auctions are perfect! +1Was this answer helpful?

Homer — October 25, 2012

… and I forgot to mention – I was unable to keep my scoreit nickname !!!! GRRRR!

Homer — October 25, 2012

I has around 90 bids on skore it – when creating the beezid account I see 0 bids and see 68 bids listed as “bonus bids” – are those supposed to be the skore it bids?

One things for certain – it wont let me bid until I purchase so if those are my skoreit bids they did NOT cross over!

Skoreit was a much better designed website – beezid is a cluster F’ – I won’t be using it!

Dehlia — October 20, 2012

How do I get my money back? I have a considerable amount of bids left on my account. I don’t want to bid on Beezid. The people at Skoreit aren’t answering their phones and Beezid won’t refund my money.

Josh - Penny Auction List — October 19, 2012

SkoreIt was one of the first five sites that I played on. I had some great wins there, and I’ll miss the opportunity to bid on their site. As mentioned in the post, SkoreIt was unwilling to implement an affiliate program, which may have sunk them in the long run.

Auction Junkie — October 19, 2012

@Will – Well, it’s no wonder they went out of business if their security couldn’t stop shenanigans like yours. IE new accounts all the time taking advantage of the free double up bids by using real bids to BIN or WIN gift cards and using the free bids to WIN or spend your free bids on gift cards.

Will — October 18, 2012

I am really pissed because I do not like beezid at all. Now I am out my bids because winning on beezid is not as easy like on Skoreit. Skoreit should have given all their users a change to refund their bids if they did not want to switch to beezid. But I guess it is all good because I took them to the cleaners I would keep opening accounts getting the bid match the getting my money back with OT auctions the using the free bids o win gift cards with 100% profit. R.I.P Skoreit I will miss that easy money!

Auction Junkie — October 18, 2012

@Gabe – Yeah my bad for not sending more emails. To be honest I lost the love for PA’s a while back. Perhaps I knew the end was coming on SI when they banned all the power bidders and long time winners.

I haven’t bid in probably 6 months… I’m thinking it’s time for the Auction Junkie to hang up his bidding hat for good. I didn’t have any bids on there however I was really close to re-loading and going after some gold bars and silver coins that looked like they had some weak spots here in the final days.

Speaking of losing the love for penny auctions – I’m thinking it might be time to sell this website. Anyone know anyone who might know anyone who wants to buy this website and my other one at Let me know if you do, I think I’m ready to sell em!

Let’s hear your best SI story. There are a few guys I never got to pay back, JustForFun13, man I was going to catch you going deep and jump in and last second bid you for 500 bids. I waited to long for my fun, damn!

eleanor — October 18, 2012

yea its stinks,i had bids left. i new something was wrong ,they didnt have alot of items to choose from like they did in the past. they should have given the heads up so many didnt buy bids that would be wasted. im angry they screwed the all the people that was dedicated to there site ,and spent alot of money over the years. dont like the beezid looked at it before. skorit was so easy to understand and you had a chance to win.i will miss it. it sucks!

Boudicca — October 18, 2012

I liked SkoreIt when I played for a very short time. There were a lot of deep pockets there that I just could not compete with, so I moved on to Quibids. While Quibids is much easier to play, I took a loss of $100 in empty gift cards or gift cards never mailed to me. Like so many websites state, play at your own risk. I have not played at all since. I still have bids in my account, so I guess I better go use them up before Quibids goes under also. They were not offering too many auctions and lots of what they did look like cheap junk for a while. I will check out Beezid since they have added the BIN option.

Martin — October 18, 2012

Not sure why all the negativity on here re: Beezid. I’ve always found it to be one of the better sites out there but I guess everyone has a right to their opinion. Change is always difficult to embrace and I would be really bummed out if I was a Skoreit user for that exact reason but on the other hand, Beezid seems to be giving some pretty solid deals to Skoreit bidders who make the switch. I also like the Buy it Now feature Beezid recently added. They’re definitely the best site in the business.

Marshall — October 18, 2012

Yeah.. I have been an avid penny auction site bidder for a long time now.. I claimed one of the best names when I first started, and have used that name on every other site. I used SkoreIt A LOT here recently, since I was kicked off of quibids for essentially figuring out how to consistently win.. I was kicked off of Quibids via email stating that I had violated a portion of the T&C’s with no explanation provided. I just happened to have won about 50 auctions within that month and took them for a crap load of cash… I had about a dozen items either in the ready to purchase mode, or had already been processed that they did not warrant! I guess they don’t like bully’s in the NO BIDOMATIC section….Quibids was always my favorite, but I loved SkoreIt as well.. Beezid sucks balls…


Gabe Rangel — October 18, 2012

I started SkoreIt after seeing them advertise on TV, & shortly thereafter I subscribed to your PennyAuctionJunkie emails. Btw, I haven’t received any from you in a while. I did like SkoreIt better than any other penny auction site. Reasons 1) History helped stay away from power bidders, (when I 1st joined you had the option to hide it) 2) The auctions seemed to end fairly quickly unless you were in a bid-war with someone. 3) The site was fairly easy to navigate & user friendly. (compared to Beezid & other sites that look like they are foreign or made in China) I’ve witnessed a few epic battes, inluding the $3,000 bid war for a 120 bid-pack that failed for WGM. I think that was his name, because after that he wasn’t around much longer. I actually seen him a few months back, & he had a history of all visors. lol Myself on the other hand never had any huge wins or epic bid wars, because I was a knowledgable bidder, who had limits & a budget. Once I depleted my bids, I would wait a month or so before I would by a 60 bid pack. Things started to pick up for me on the bid pack end & I thought I was going to make the transition from 60-120 & I left my 180 bids buried in the shopping cart with SkoreIt R.I.P. I don’t even care if they transfer over, I got an inflated Invicta real value $99, & a $50 gift card last night with 12 bids that I decided to cash out immediately, because I had a bad feeling when they had a 2 hour break with no live auctions whatsoever. I knew it wasn’t going to be good, I wish I would’ve cashed them in & went all in for something worthwhile. No heads up from them at all, I feel sorry for all the unpurchased wins that people left in their shopping carts until they paid their minimum credit card balance off. lol It was fun, almost to good to be true, I kept telling myself; they have to stay in business with these people dramtically overbidding on a daily basis. But all in all, when see the power bidders winning the $75-$500 gift cards with less than 50 bids on a consistent basis, that is when the red turns blood RED. My hats off to Chowmonkeykeepsbidding, Silenthunter, Imbusywinningauctions, & Gotthis1Saveyourbids, for climbing up the bid pack ranks, from the 30’s -120’s in a few months. Myself as mentioned was on the brinks of crossing over from 30’s to 120’s in 1 week. I bought a 60 bid pack on the 7th & had 260 bids with a $150 in Visa cards, so I can’t complain, I never went in the red on this site, maybe broke even a few times. Probably because of the 7 day history change which deterred a lot of bidders. I tested the waters to only get hung in the desert! As for beezid, I’d rather kick rocks. No thanks, does anyone want my 90 bids?? It was fun R.I.P. SkoreIt


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