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Ideas on How To Win Beezid Penny Auctions is unique in the world of penny auction sites in that they utilize a few special types of auto bidders in their auctions and the action can happen extremely fast.

This page will explain the bidding tools at your disposal within itself. Like how to use the Beezid sniper, the auto-beezid and single bidding. If you want more info on a beezid stats tool then you can read our full review of beezidpro. Apply these Beezid tips and strategies to your game and I hope they help you win at penny auction!

Before we get started with a growing list of tips for beezid, we are under the impression that you already understand the basics of how penny auctions work and do not need a new bidders guide to penny auctions recapped here.

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Bidding Options on

There are three main types of bids that you can place on Beezid.

  • Single Bid – just click the bid button before the timer goes to sold
  • Auto-Beezid – automatically place your bids in rapid fire succession the instant anyone else outbids you.
  • Beezid Sniper – this is a unique tool to Beezid that waits until the last moment possible to place a bid before the auction hits closed

Single Bidding Strategy

This is a defensive strategy only, it rarely wins. Last second clicking does not win especially on Beezid because the auto bidder is set to automatically and instantly outbid anyone who bids against them.

Single bidding almost never wins, but it can be an effective defensive bidding strategy in order to try and exhaust your competitions bids with out burning yours. So you must practice placing last moment bids and finding your sweet spot. Budget 20-30 bids and try to last second bid an auction and see how far down the line you can wait until hitting the bid button and the bid going through.

Did You Know? There is a Beezid bid counting program that gives you full auction details of any auction or bidder? Learn to win with Beezid Pro.

How late can you bid on Beezid from experience? It is almost impossible to be a ‘GOING’ bidder on Beezid. Meaning that when the timer hits 1, it’s next stop is ‘GOING’ and then it is sold. If you are trying to single bid ‘GOING’ you are going to most likely lose. Try it, with your first 10 practice bids just find that last moment you can click… try to click as soon as you see the word “GOING” and see if you can get a bid in.

Most likely, you need to find yourself a spot just as the “1” is about to turn to “GOING” then that is where you need to start trying to time your bids. Even then, it is difficult to be that bidder that single bids at “GOING”, but try. Try and find that sweet spot and defend there when you are playing defense. In general, try not to play defense as it is not a winning strategy typically. But there are times when it is necessary (needing to burn through some competitions bids) developing the war of attrition skill (more) can help you win.

Auto Bidding with the Auto-Beezid Tool

Go for the kill with the beezid auto beezid auto bidding tool. This is the most aggressive form of bidding, and aggression wins. To win the auction and pound out the competition set a large automatic bidder.

There are some very important considerations to consider with this auto bidder and the main one is that it INSTANTLY places bids for you the moment someone else out bids you. Many other auction sites do not place your bids automatically for you until the timer runs down to near ‘sold’. Beezid is the opposite, having the auto bids used as soon as possible.

This means that if two auto bidders both set their auto bidders to bid during a certain price threshold and both load up 50 bids each… that means that these guys are instantly going to bid 50 times against one another, and the auction price will jump up $1 instantly (100 bids).

This makes it risky using the auto bidder with large amounts of bids set. Taking that risk is worth it because the auto-bidders WIN and this feature has made beezid one of the most competitive penny auction sites for TV’s.

Virtually every auction where auto bidders are allowed, the autobeezid wins. Get comfortable using the auto bidding tool on if you want to win.

Here are some Autobeezid Tips and how to use the Autobeezid tool.

  • You can only set one auto-beezid at a time.
  • Use the Auto Beezid to go for the kill when you believe there are few / no snipers left
  • Keeping your auto bidder on or off will be your big decisions in the auction (after choosing to get involved at all, this is your biggest choice each auction)
  • Reasons to keep it on include you feel the auction is likely to end soon, you are going to go for the kill
  • Reasons to keep your auto beezid on is because you feel if you do not, someone else is waiting in the wings to launch a large auto bidder of their own to try and take the win
  • If you are using your Auto Bidder you need to find out if a sniper is lurking… the count down needs to run down to at least 1 second to see what is out there – try to avoid the initial big battles of auto beezids
  • Set more frequent and smaller amount of auto bidders and learn how to set one up ‘quickly’ as you can only do one at a time
  • Some strategies like to set an auto-beezid to kick in at a certain time while others like to have one ready to go that they turn on or off as conditions change in the auction.

The auto bidder is your ‘machine gun’. You are rapid firing trying to intimidate and discourage any watching single bidders and any people who might have an auto bidder set up and ready to launch the moment they see yours stop. Keeping other bidders from ‘pulling the trigger’ and launching their auto bidder is one of the reasons you should consider keeping yours going.

Many times you can steal an auction that someone else wanted to get into but was going to wait a bit until you burned more bids.

Beezid Sniper Tips – How to Effectively Use The Beezid Sniper

The sniper tool on beezid is unique to the penny auctions we frequent and list on Here is how the beezid sniper works.

  • You can set a sniper to place up to 20 last moment possible “GOING” bids (it actually bids right at 1 second or at “GOING” to keep an auction going
  • You can ONLY set 1 sniper per auction
  • The max sniper bids is 20… if you are fighting a sniper you should have an idea of this number
  • Snipers must be set with an auto-bidder as well
  • A sniper is not likely to win you an auction outright, but it is a defensive strategy to keep the auction alive long enough to deploy your auto bidder

Strategies for using the beezid sniper.
Consider setting your sniper to begin and end at a price point you are comfortable with in addition to a small number of bids in an Auto Bidder that is not scheduled to begin until much higher in the auction that you ever thing it is going to reach.

For example, in a gift card auction for $100 you might set your sniper to bid between $1 – $20 for 20 bids and your auto beezid to kick in for 2 bids at $99-$100.

You set it this way because you know that your auto beezid is never going to kick in. Instead, you are going to let your sniper be your last moment bidder to keep the auction going to a point where you can ‘CANCEL’ your current auto beezid and reset a new one to go NOW. Essentially it allows you to try and burn the rest of the auto bidders bids before launching yours.

With this strategy you need to keep a careful count of how many sniper bids you have used as the system DOES NOT tell you (which sucks) exactly how many sniper bids you’ve placed however it does keep count of your total bids so as long as you keep track of how many bids you’ve placed prior to starting your sniper you can quickly keep track of how many sniper bids you’ve fired so far. Count your sniper bids… know that at your limit you are going to have to single bid or bust out your auto bidder.

General Beezid Bidding Tips

Be aware that jumping is pretty common at Beezid. Jumping means that after an initial battle between two or three bidders, it is highly likely that a brand new bidder is going to jump into the auction and bid. After that jumper is defeated or in control, it is likely that another new bidder is going to get in the action. Jumping is common on Beezid where it is not as common in some other penny auction sites. Keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to start bidding.

Research the auction ending prices and look for items that do not have a high deviation between their usually ending price range and their high end price ranges. Items with a huge variation are in general the more competitive items to win because this deviation is usually indicative of power bidders fighting for these items. Power bidders sometimes win super cheap and sometimes it goes crazy expensive. You will find some auctions have a stable ending auction range and this can give you some ideas on when it might be beneficial to jump in.

Study the auctions for the item you are interested in bidding on next for at least two or three auctions before you get involved. See if you can pick up any patterns or predict who is going to win and within how many bids.

Win something cool with your cherry auction win – if you have yet to win anything on Beezid be patient and wait for a cool cherry auction (beginners only who have never won) as Beezid has the best selection of beginner auctions!

Beezid vs Other Penny Auction Sites

Beezid is one of the largest penny auction websites out there, second only to The unique bidding tools they offer is different than virtually all other penny auction sites. Learn how to use them.

If Beezid hits ‘GOING” and there is no sniper then the auction is over 70-80% of the time generally speaking. “It ain’t easy being a single bidder at ‘GOING’.” Learned that one the hard way myself!

Some well known bidders even have to bid at “2” due to the infamous ‘Beezid server lag’ talked about in forums.

Of course it is a good idea to use winning penny bidding strategies in conjunction with these more specific tips for penny auction site. is not ebay what so ever! If you are wondering how beezid works or if you can bid like ebay then you need to stop right now and learn the basics of penny auctions before going 1 step further. Beezid is not like at all. It costs money to bid and the final price of the auction is not the total cost, not even close. The real cost comes from buying and spending bids. Penny auctions are more like a competitive game that costs money to play and you can end up not winning anything (or getting amazing deals if you use the right strategies and do not get unlucky!)

If you are finding it way tough to win on Beezid (it is) then there are easier legit penny auction sites to win on. We recommend reading this overview of Happy Bid Day which is a way smaller penny auction site and in general has less competition.

There is also a tool called Beezid Pro and it is a beezid bidding stats tracking software that gives serious Beezid bidders the edge. It costs about $40 bucks currently and what it does is tracks and displays all bids by all bidders on any auction you are watching giving you serious insight into the auction history and more detailed stats about the bidders bidding on the auction. It allows you to analyze the auction and decide if bidding is a good play or not. It’s pretty sick if I do say so myself.

Do not get emotionally attached to an auction! The next thing you know you could end up either winning or losing some of the biggest beezid battles and that is something you most likely want to avoid at all costs!

If you are looking to try a new site, consider HappyBidDay or BidRivals review for great alternatives!

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