Penny Auction Sites: Cheaper and More Fun Than Department Stores

Quibids.comWhatever you’re looking for at a bargain, you’ll find a great selection at online penny auction sites like QuiBids.  QuiBids is one of the largest penny auction sites on the net, with all the departments you’d expect to find at a brick-and-mortar retail store.  You’ll find electronics, jewelry, hardware, home products, apparel, accessories, health and personal care, and other categories.  The electronics department has a huge range of consumer products including cameras, computers, tablets, home audio and theater, portable electronics, TV & video, video games, and office equipment. Learn more about here.

Why consider shopping at a penny auction site instead of going to your local department store?  For one thing, the selection is all potentially at a discount.  Retail prices for many products are out of range for consumers who simply don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on a new television or computer.  If you have enough money to spend on a few bids, however, you have a chance at winning consumer technology at discounts of 80-90 percent off.  Just remember to calculate your bids into your final price, and also acknowledge that penny auctions are a game of risk.

Penny auction sites also provide entertainment value, and in that sense they can become pretty addicting.  You will want to make sure you have a budget for your penny auction spending since you can lose a lot of money if you don’t.  If you’re a disciplined spender however and you acknowledge that penny auctions are entertainment as much as anything else, you can also enjoy the fun and excitement of the auction.  This is a form of gambling, so be sure that you approach it as such and not as something where you have any kind of guarantee.

Every day people win consumer electronics, jewelry, apparel, and other items at a fraction of their retail price on penny auction websites.  And even when you don’t win, you can still have a fun time, which is where your money is going—to your entertainment.  In that sense you do win either way.  So next time you’re thinking about how you’d like to go to the department store but the thing you want to buy is outside of your price range, think about trying to win it on a penny auction site instead.  Always have a budget though, and remember to gamble responsibly—don’t exceed the gambling allowance that you set for yourself.

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