How to Get Free Bids on QuiBids

Quibids.comLooking for a way to earn some free bids on QuiBids?  QuiBids is one of the largest and most exciting penny auction sites online with numerous products in categories like consumer electronics, home goods, jewelry, clothing, and more.  There are occasional special events and giveaways at QuiBids, but one easy way to earn free bids anytime is to participate in the QuiBids referral program.

By referring friends to QuiBids, you help bring in business to the auction site, which means that you get something back for your effort.  Once you’ve recruited three of your friends and all three sign up for new accounts at the site, you’ll earn the Top Recruiter Badge.  The Badge comes with 25 free bids which you can use on any auction which allows you to use free bids to win an item.

Another great way to get free bids which you can do right now is enter the latest giveaway.  Giveaways are often very fast, which is why you need to regularly check the official Quibids blog to see what’s going on.  The most recent giveaway was the QuiBids Twitter Round-Up for August.  Just by retweeting the link to the blog post and including the hashtag, #FREEBIDS, participants were entered into a drawing to win 50 free bids the same day.  The winner for that giveaway has already been picked, but there are other regular giveaways on Twitter.  In order to learn what the most recent contests are however, you’ll need to follow @QuiBids on Twitter and watch the feed carefully since new contests and giveaways show up all the time.

Other contests that are regularly hosted on QuiBids for free bids include video contests.  The latest contest was the “Day in My QuiBids Life” contest.  The winner was a QuiBids member who filmed a video where he went about his daily routine from morning until night using different items he had won through past QuiBids auctions.  Videos you are required to make to participate in similar contests don’t need to be very long; you can watch videos made by past winners by checking out the “Contests” section of the QuiBids official blog.  As you can see, there are many different opportunities to win free bids which you can use on  This is a great way to save even more money on top of the great discounts you get when you win items in the auctions.

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