Computer Penny Auctions

If you can own a brand new PC, Mac, laptop, or netbook for pennies on the dollar, why would you pay retail prices? You can find much better deals at the hottest computer penny auctions. Sometimes, they attract very few bidders, which means you may be able to walk away with a huge bargain. Other times, you’ll stumble upon auctions that seem to draw several intense competitors.

We’ll guide you to the best penny auctions with computers below. We’ll also direct you to our favorite site overall as well as our top recommendations for laptop penny auctions, netbooks, and Macs.

Recommended List Of Top Computer Penny Auctions

As you likely know, there are hundreds of penny auction sites. However, only a small portion are worth visiting. Most sites can’t offer the product selection, traffic, and reputation you should expect. If you’re looking for penny auctions with computers, we recommend that you start with the following… – huge variety of desktops, laptops, PCs, and Macs. Plus, excellent bidding tools. – trustworthy, fast shipping, and generous promotions. Perfect for uncovering bargains. – large and safe with a good selection of computers and accessories. Especially good for Macbooks. – smaller auction site with a pristine reputation. Great selection of laptops. – good penny auction site for netbooks and iMacs. Trustworthy with an inventory filled with brand name items.

It’s unlikely that one penny auction site is going to offer you the perfect bidding experience. Each of the five recommended sites has strengths as well as areas in which we’d like to see improvement. We recommend visiting all five. That way, you can explore the auctions at your own pace, look at the product selection, and experiment with the sites’ bidding tools. Having said that, we have picked our favorites for various categories to give you a head start. For more information on any of the five sites above, be sure to read our detailed penny auction reviews.

“Best Of Breed” Penny Auction Site With Computers

We’ve chosen as the overall top computer penny auction site for a few reasons. First, in our experience, they have consistently offered a huge selection of items from top-name manufacturers. That’s important whether you want to pick up a laptop, desktop, or netbook.

Second, they give you unrestricted access to automated bidding tools. These include the Auto-Beezid and Beezid Sniper. If you’re unfamiliar with these tools, don’t be intimidated. We’ve created a tutorial that shows how to integrate them into savvy Beezid bidding strategies.

Third, the site is large and enjoys a lot of traffic. That usually means – and it’s certainly the case here – that the penny auction site is safe and reputable.

When you visit, you’ll be able to drill down to certain types of computer penny auctions. Laptops and netbooks are categorized separately from desktops and computer bundles. So too are computer accessories. That makes it easier to find the type of equipment you need.

Minimizing Your Risk With The “Buy It Now” Option

One of the drawbacks to bidding at Beezid is the lack of a “buy it now” (BIN) option. You may not need it, and thus don’t consider this to be a drawback at all. However, those who are new to penny auctions may benefit from it. Also, if you’re searching for a particular type of laptop or netbook, you might be prepared to pay the full retail price for it. If that’s the case, the BIN option is a great “Plan B.” It essentially eliminates the risk of losing money.

Among our five recommended penny auctions with computers, QuiBids and BidRivals allow you to “buy it now.” Of the two, we prefer QuiBids. But we encourage you to visit and test drive both of them.

Best Penny Auction Sites With Laptops

BidCactus continues to offer the largest selection of laptops among our favorite penny auction sites. You’ll find Dell Inspirons, HP Pavilions, Sony VAIOs, and Toshiba notebooks. They also offer Macbooks.

As we mentioned earlier, BidCactus is smaller than the industry titans (though still quite large). They receive less traffic, and often, fewer bids. That usually translates into lower prices. For example, we recently saw a Dell Inspiron 15.6″ Notebook auction off for $9.60.

Top Netbook Penny Auction Sites

We also pick BidCactus for the best netbook penny auctions. Most of the recent netbooks we’ve seen offered have been Acer Aspires, Dell Inspiron Minis, HP Pavilion Minis, and Toshiba Minis. In the past, we’ve also seen Samsung netbooks, but they seem to be less popular.

Some of the ending auction prices we’ve observed have been surprisingly low. For example, a Dell Inspiron Mini Duo netbook recently ended at $1.92. A Toshiba Mini 10.1″ netbook went out the door at $1.97. Keep your eyes open, and you’ll find some great deals.

Best Penny Auctions To Win Macbooks

By far, the best penny auctions for Macbooks are found at QuiBids. Not only does the site offer the largest inventory, but they do so with a variety of specs. Recently, QuiBids moved an Apple MacBook Pro 13.3″ with 500GB, MacBook Pro 17″ 2.2GHz with 750GB, and a smaller Apple MacBook Air 11.6″. There’s a good chance you’ll find a Mac that meets your preferences.

A couple of the other sites on our recommended list (see above) offer Macbooks, but far fewer than QuiBids. That said, we recommend visiting them – and especially the smaller penny auction sites, such as HappyBidDay – to check for bargains that may have been overlooked.

Remember, it is possible to lose money bidding for PCs, Macs, laptops, and netbooks at the top computer penny auctions. If you haven’t already done so, review our penny auction bidding strategies before participating.

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