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This page is designed to sort and list the top penny auction sites to win certain items by category. Depending on what you are looking to bid on will in large part determine which penny auction site you should buy bids at.

Top Overall Rated Penny Auction By Real Bidders – True Ratings & Rankings
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The above top list table is created dynamically from real bidder ratings and changes over time as sites improve or decline. Click through to the reviews to see our editorial review and the ratings and comments left by real people who have bid on the site.

Choosing your favorite penny auction site depends on your situation. So recommending the most popular penny auction site, Quibids, might not make the most sense. For example, if you are looking to win gold and silver in a penny auction then there is really no reason to create an account at Quibids or BidCactus as they do not have gold or silver auctions.

Which Penny Auction Site Is Best To Win Items?

Different products can be won at different penny auctions and some sites do not offer certain types of products at all. There are a handful of important factors to consider when you are researching which penny auction site is right for you. One of the most important things to look at is if the penny auction site has the types of products up for auction that you want. One of the next most important things to consider is what kind of risk level you are willing to tolerate in order to win a great deal. We cover both categories below with the most searched for types of products.

Below you can find links to page covering which sites offer which auctions and information on which site can give you the best shot to win each item.

Penny Auction Sites by Feature and Auction Type

There are two main types of auctions that the sites have that you should be aware of.

In the world of penny auctions, a ton of different features have developed between the competing companies. One of the biggest differences that bidders look for before deciding where to bid is what features or types of auctions are available. Below you can compare penny auction sites by what type of features they have. In a nutshell, buy it now auctions allow you to apply any money you spent on bids in an auction towards purchasing the item after the auction closes assuming you did not win the auction.

Buy it now auctions minimize your loss whenever you do not win an auction.

Are buy it now auctions better than non buy it now?

That depends on you and your goals. Buy it now, “BIN” auctions make it less risky for you, but the same goes for everyone else which makes it harder to win generally speaking. From a psychological and strategic game play stand point, it is important that your competition have a level or risk involved. It is kind of like playing a game of poker for chips that have no value, it makes it a lot harder to bluff!

Top Penny Auction Sites By Rankings & Ratings

You can find the highest rated penny auction sites online based on the different categories when you visit our penny auction site top lists page. That page contains the rankings and ratings of the sites listed here compared to one another.