Penny auctions for kitchen appliances and vacuums can be found at most of the top auction sites. Each day, thousands of bidders compete for brand name products, such as George Foreman grills and high-end Dyson vacuum cleaners. They do so in the hopes of winning these items for a fraction of what they might otherwise pay in department stores. The challenge is knowing where to participate. We’ll highlight our favorite penny auctions sites for appliances below. You’ll learn where to bid, and the reasons to do so. We’ll also share our top site for uncovering discount appliances at penny auctions.

Best Penny Auction Sites For Appliances – lots of different auction formats, fantastic automated bidding tools, and exciting promotions – enormous penny auction site, user-friendly and safe, with “happy” auctions for those who are getting started – large bundle of free bids for new members, less competition, great for beginners – valuable research and bidding tools, intuitive design, and a wide selection of kitchen appliances

One of the first things you’ll notice from the list above is that each auction site offers its own set of strengths. For example, the SkoreIt bidding interface is more elegant than the one you’ll find at BidCactus (though you should test both for yourself). HappyBidDay gives new members more free bids for registering an account than Beezid. And Beezid offers some of the best automated bidding tools among the group.

The bottom line is that you should visit each site, and explore every facet of them for yourself. Pay particular note to the penny auctions for kitchen appliances. Look at the brand names of the products offered, and investigate the competition, shipping charges, and other features. This is the only way to decide whether you enjoy a particular site.

Top-Ranked Penny Auction Site For Kitchen Appliances

Our current favorite is QuiBids for several reasons. First, it is (to date) the largest penny auction site in the world. Their size exposes them to a lot of scrutiny, which in turn encourages them to maintain a safe environment for their members. They host more auctions than their competitors, and winning bidders can expect to receive their items within a reasonable time frame.

The second reason we favor QuiBids for kitchen appliance penny auctions is because of the variety in their inventory. You’ll find multi-piece cookware sets, countertop rotisseries, meat slicers, and more.

Also, QuiBids realizes that a lot of their members lack experience with penny auctions. So, they offer a series of tutorials, providing tips and suggestions (though they stop far short of the information you’ll find on our “Bidding Strategies” page).

We recommend that you visit and test drive the site for yourself.

Recent Deals At Discount Appliance Penny Auction Sites

We’ll provide a few examples of recent auctions that have closed to give you an idea regarding the appliances you’ll find and the prices winning bidders have paid. At QuiBids, a Dyson Animal Canister vacuum (retail value $499.99) was won for $11.70. A 72″ George Foreman grill (retail value $81.99) sold for $1.22.

At HappyBidDay, a bidder won a Chef Du Jour 32-Piece kitchen set (retail $50) for $1.29. An auction for a Duxtop Induction countertop burner (retail $159.99) ended at only $1.41.

SkoreIt also hosts plenty of penny auctions for appliances. For example, a Kalorik programmable 12-cup coffeemaker (retail $99.99) was recently won for $.03. A Ginsu 14-piece stainless steel knife set (retail $69.99) was sold for $.05.

Notice the variety of items available at the sites listed above. While we favor, we recommend that you visit all of them to find the products you need.

Competing At Penny Auction Sites For Kitchen Appliances And Vacuums

So, what does it take to win auctions? It depends, in part, on the site you visit. For example, QuiBids’s size introduces a few unique factors. They attract a large volume of active bidders, which means popular products rarely sell for a few pennies. Patience pays off. Additionally, the fact that all of their auctions are accompanied by a “Buy It Now” option will influence your bidding. If you plan to visit QuiBids, be sure to read our QuiBids Bidding Strategy page.

At HappyBidDay, the free bids can only be used in their “Happy Auctions.” These auctions offer slimmer savings, and the prices rise by $.07 per bid rather than $.01. The “Available” bids (i.e. those you pay for) can be used in the normal auctions. One strategy is to use your free bids to win large bid packs, and then leverage those bids to gain momentum when bidding for appliances.

If you intend to participate at SkoreIt, look for the AAA auctions. These are auctions in which bidders cannot use automated bidding tools. Each bid must be submitted manually. You’ll find that a lot of experienced and aggressive bidders avoid the AAA auctions. For a tutorial on bidding in these events, visit our page titled, “SkoreIt AAA Auction Tips.”

Beezid is a special case due to their automated tools: the Auto-Beezid and Beezid Sniper. Both are easy to use, but the strategy for using them properly is a little complex. We’ve put together a crash course on incorporating these tools into your Beezid bidding strategies. We highly recommend reading it.

The sites listed above and described throughout this page represent the best household appliance penny auctions we have found. As new auction sites meet our standards, we may add them to this page. In the meantime, we encourage you to test drive those above.

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