Jewelry Penny Auctions

Diamond pendants, pearl rings, and silver bracelets… these and other jewelry pieces are currently on auction for a fraction of the price you would pay for them in retail stores. The auctions to which we are referring are different than those held at eBay. There, you might still expect to pay up to 75% of a given piece’s normal price. Instead, these are jewelry penny auctions, where it’s common to win a $200 necklace or ring for less than $1.

Get in on the jewelry action at Quibids now! *Consider but they are not a penny auction. It is free to bid on Bidz and is a great place to buy discounted jewelry online, for pennies on the dollar.

There is no shortage of sites at which you can buy jewelry for a discount. There’s also no shortage of penny auction sites that place jewelry items on auction. The biggest challenge, however, is finding sites you can trust that offer a good variety of pieces. We’ll share our short list of the best jewelry penny auctions below.

Best Penny Auctions For Jewelry

  • – ultra-safe with a huge variety of jewelry pieces.
  • – good variety with fewer competitive bidders.
  • – solid selection of rings, pendants, and earrings.
  • – high-quality pendants and watches.

You’ll notice that our list of jewelry penny auction sites omits some of the most popular names. There are a couple reasons. First, there are a lot of sites we have yet to review, and more come online weekly. If we haven’t thoroughly researched a particular penny auction site, we cannot recommend it to you.

Second, a lot of penny auctions seem safe, secure, and trustworthy on the surface, but are decidedly less so. Our research process is designed to weed them out in order to save you time, money, and frustration. Here are the best penny auctions with jewelry that we currently recommend:

Our Top Choice For Jewelry Penny Auctions

It is a close race between and We like both for very different reasons. Your preferences will influence your choice between them. QuiBids barely edges ahead of HappyBidDay because of their enormous selection of jewelry pieces. Moreover, a lot of the auctions close out at low prices. For example, we recently saw an earring penny auction offering a pair of 14K gold/ruby stud earrings valued at $214. It closed out at $.12.

We have also witnessed phenomenal prices for jewelry pieces at A recent necklace penny auction offered an attractive Blue Pearl 24-in necklace silver set valued at $205. The auction closed at $2.25. They are also one of the few bidding sites that auction gold or silver, where as Quibids does not.

One of the reasons we enjoy QuiBids’s jewelry penny auctions is because the site is huge. That means they’re safe and trustworthy (we have always found them to be so). On the other hand, we like HappyBidDay because they attract fewer bidders (which means less competition!), offer generous bonuses to new members, and ship items quickly. As noted above, our top choice is QuiBids, but just barely. Let your own preferences guide you.

Types Of Jewelry At Penny Auctions

Most of the women’s jewelry penny auction sites focus heavily on pendants, rings, and earrings. The styles of the pieces vary, which improves the likelihood you’ll find some to be attractive. A few sites, such as QuiBids, host plenty of necklace penny auctions. You’ll also find diamond cross pendants, sterling silver pearl earrings, and even quirky pieces such as a sterling silver diamond critter necklace. The quality is average to good generally speaking, we are not talking about the most expensive jewelry in the world here or anything but it is quality stuff. Be sure you check prices on Amazon or eBay before spending a bunch of money on bids trying to win.

QuiBids is also one of the best watch penny auction sites. In the recent past, we’ll seen a $300 Invicta Corduba Swiss chrono watch auction out for $4.01; we stumbled onto a $280 Invicta Excursion Reserve watch that closed out at $.72; and we’ve watched several $20 Slap Watch Juniors auction off for a few pennies apiece.

You’ll also find jewelry sets at penny auctions. For example, HappyBidDay recently auctioned off a $65 heart-shaped pearl pendant and earrings set for $1.17.

Other Penny Auction Sites To Find Jewelry On Auction

BidCactus and Beezid – both are included in our list of recommended jewelry auction sites above – are worth visiting. BidCactus not only offers a good selection of earrings and pendants, but they also have an assortment of accessories on auction. We’ve seen $200 Marc Jacobs Jane Crossbody bags – great-looking with the right bracelet and necklace – auction off for $.17. We’ve also watched $300 Michael Kors Hamilton satchels – a perfect match with a silver necklace – go for just over $2.

Beezid is worth visiting because they carry high-quality items, such as Michael Kors Swarovski Crystal watches, diamond accent earrings, and 14K white gold diamond solitaire pendants.

Every women’s jewelry penny auction, as well as those featuring jewelry for men, displays the retail prices for the items offered. Sometimes, the prices are slightly higher than those you’ll pay at jewelry stores. Other times, they are on target. In either case, the fact that you are saving 99% off retail is certainly not lost.

Is It Difficult To Win Jewelry Penny Auctions?

This depends largely on where you bid, and how savvy you are at doing so. Most people who are new to penny auctions are unaware that there is a lot of strategy involved. This is the reason we have created an exhaustive tutorial describing expert bidding strategies; we hope to give you an edge over other bidders. We’ve also written a separate tutorial explaining Beezid strategies that leverage their bidding tools.

It’s also worth remembering that high-traffic jewelry penny auctions are likely to present more competition for the pieces you want to win. This is yet another reason to read our bidding strategies tutorials. It’s not difficult to win penny auctions with jewelry. You just need to approach them with the right system.

Are you looking for discount jewelry auctions? Check out Bidz – it is not a penny auction site but a traditional auction site focusing on jewelry and has tons of discounted jewelry auctions every day!