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10/26/16 update Beezid auctions are not running and existing players are behind on getting their wins. AVOID AT LEAST FOR NOW

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Beezid entered the penny auction industry at the end of 2009. They have established a huge footprint online with a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as a blog that is updated several times a week. Beezid is one of the largest penny bidding sites online. This means you’ll find a huge variety of high-quality products from the biggest brands in the world. On the other hand, their size means you’ll also find a lot of competition in the auctions, so be ready for that. Their auctions are all without a ‘buy one now’ option meaning it’s more risk more reward to bid at beezid.

Beezid offers two important bidding tools. First, their AutoBeezid allows you to stay in the action, even if you’re forced to leave the site. This tool submits bids for you the moment before an auction ends. You can set your own limits, such as the number of bids you want AutoBeezid to submit. The second tool is called the Beezid Sniper. It is designed to work alongside AutoBeezid. If the price range you’ve established in AutoBeezid is not met, the Sniper takes over. It shoots off a bid in order to keep you in the action. Otherwise, you might never get the chance to bid. These and other tools are designed to help you win more auctions while reducing the number you lose. We’ve also provided a strategies page to help you get a leg up on your fellow bidders.

Beezid Scam Or Legit Penny Auction

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Beezid is bigger than Happy Bid day and runs similar auctions to SkoreIt. Ton's of stuff to win here.

Beezid has added a buy it now option to some of their auctions. It allows bidders to get 100% of their bids back when they purchase the item at it’s retail value. They call this the ‘no sting guarantee’.

To start, Beezid is definitely a legitimate penny auction site. They are not a scam. We encourage you to visit their site, read their blog, and take a look through past auctions and the Winners Circle to gain a level of comfort. You should also take advantage of the 25 Free Bids that Beezid offers as a promotion for new bidders.

One of the first questions asked by those who are unfamiliar with penny auction sites is “how can Beezid sell expensive products for so little?” We’ve created a page devoted to penny auction basics, but we’ll provide a quick overview here. Prices for items on auction start at $.01. You’ll need to purchase bids (usually between $.60 and $1 per bid) before you can bid for the item. Each bid submitted raises the price by a penny. The last person to bid wins the item.

The penny auction site makes money by selling bids, not by selling items. For example, suppose there’s a Playstation on auction that retails at $300. It attracts 1,000 bids, each of which cost an average of $.70. The result? The site sells $700 worth of bids, which means they made $400 on the auction.

A lot of first-timer bidders lose money, and thus consider penny auction sites to be scams. It’s important to remember that in most cases, you are not reimbursed for submitted bids (Beezid’s Early Bird Special is an exception for auctions you win). Bidding on items is a competitive game. You can lose money.

Beezid is entirely safe. At the bottom of this page, you can read reviews from actual bidders who use the site to compete for items. We also encourage you to check out our detailed tutorial on picking safe, non-scam penny auction sites.

Types Of Products On Auction at

The range of high-quality items you’ll find at Beezid is one of their competitive advantages over other penny auction sites. They maintain close relationships with suppliers that provide name brand merchandise you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. We’ll give you an idea of the breadth of items below, but look through Beezid’s auction categories to get a broader view.

Common auction items include:

  • GPS systems
  • Gold jewelry (a 14K white gold diamond solitaire pendant recently sold for $7.81)
  • Brand new cars and SUVs
  • Video game consoles (Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation, etc.)
  • Sunglasses
  • Flat irons
  • Coach bags
  • DVDs (top movies often sell for $.01!)
  • Camcorders
  • Digital cameras (a Nikon 14-megapixel recently sold for $0.01)
  • Treadmills
  • Notebooks (an HP Netbook sold for $0.03)
  • Portable hard drives
  • iPads
  • Drill kits
  • Kitchen sets
  • Click to see all items up for auctions at Beezid

Shipping Details For Beezid

Beezid ensures that most of the products are shipped to auction winners directly from the suppliers. Depending on the item and supplier’s location, delivery usually takes between two and three weeks. This is a bit slower than other penny auction sites, but still reasonable. Beezid will send you an email as soon as your item has been mailed. Also, you’ll see the shipping cost for each item listed at the bottom of the Auction Details page.

Two additional items are worth noting. First, you can track the delivery of your items, but doing so requires contacting Beezid’s Customer Support team. Second, they have an Item Substitution Policy. If, for any reason, the supplier discontinues a product before an auction ends, a substitute item “with equal or greater features” will be delivered to the winner.

Bidder Ratings Of

Throughout this review of Beezid, we’ve tried to provide the details you’ll need in order to be successful bidding for items. But ours is only a single voice. It helps to hear what others have to say. Below, you’ll find numerous ratings and reviews about Beezid, offered by those who are using the site. These are bidders who are as close to the action as you can get. Take a few moments to read through them to get a better idea about Beezid’s customer support, auction variety, and ease of use. If you have experience at the site, leave your own comments to help others.

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