Penny Auction Reviews offers editorial reviews and bidder ratings of carefully selected online penny auction sites. Our editorial penny auction reviews cover the facts and details you will want to know about the penny auction site and we list the latest bonuses and promotions for each site. Our bidder reviews are from real bidders experiences at select penny auction sites which are designed to give you real insight into the penny auction site.

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If you visit any of the individual penny auction site reviews listed above you will see current bidder ratings over a host of different categories. See penny auction ratings & bidder comments here. We ask bidders to rate things like how much do they trust the penny auction site, how they rate the engagement of the website, the variety of auctions, the quality of the customer service, shipping details, pricing and more. Together, these penny auction ratings are calculated together to produce a list of our top rated penny auctions that you see listed above. We have also added the ultimate SkoreIt review on the internet covering this penny auction site from virtually every detail providing insight into the features of the site to tips and strategies from a very successful SkoreIt bidder (yours truly, the Auction Junkie).

Which Penny Auction Sites Do You List For Review?

We strive to maintain a carefully selected short list of reputable, trustworthy and legit penny auction sites. The sites our editorial staff chooses to list here have been in business for at least six months with most of the sites in business for over a year. We know that six months to a year is not that long for a business to operate but you have to remember that the history of penny auctions is very short with the growth of the auction sites really starting to emerge in 2010.

Just because a penny bidding site is not listed here in our reviews does not mean that they are not a reputable penny auction site. It just means that someone from our team has not yet researched, bid on and reviewed the site.

Penny Auction Sites listed here have been researched by our staff and confirmed to the best of our ability to offer bidders a fair penny auction experience. This does not mean that you are guaranteed to win or that you can not lose money. If you are looking for that then you should check out our list of safe penny auctions and understand how to minimize your risk.

A fair penny auction experience means that if you bid on a site listed here you can be sure that you are bidding on a penny auction site that has a history and reputation of providing a fair, honest and reputable experience. We have done the research, checked the reputation at the legit communities, social bidding networks forums and other legit penny auction reviews on sites you can trust. We also know people who have bid on, won and received their items at the majority of sites listed here.

You are of course never guaranteed to win anything or not to lose money but these sites have already proved that they offer bidders a real chance to win, do not use shill bidders and ship won and paid for auctions.

If you are interested in having us list and review a certain penny auction site, please contact us and give us as much information as possible about the site you would like to see reviewed.

At Penny Auction Sites our goal is to test every significant penny auction site online first hand.  We are specifically looking for honest, reputable and trustworthy penny auction sites.:

  1. Honest penny auction sites that do not use bots or fake bidders

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