Join the Labor-Palooza

Beezid.comEven though Labor Day weekend is over, the Labor-Palooza over at is still going on.  Not familiar with Beezid?  Beezid is a penny auction site; you spend a small amount of money to purchase bids, and then you bid on consumer electronics and other items to see if you can win them at a huge retail discount.  Some customers even get products for as much as 80-90 percent off their retail price.  Beezid’s Labor-Palooza event features three days of deals.  The first two days, the Opening Act on September 2nd and the Headliner on September 3rd, have already passed, but The Encore is happening on September 8th, so there’s still time to get in there.

The Opening Bid was an event where you could get all of your bids back if you won an auction.  The event ran through most of the day, and every auction winner was the winner of a Trophy Auction.  So along with the item, they’d get all their bids back to spend bidding on other items.  The Headliner on the 3rd featured a 12 percent price freeze—all items were guaranteed to be sold at savings of 88-99 percent off retail value.  The other big advantage was that it wasn’t just the winners who got back their bids, but everyone who participated in the auctions.

Even if you were so unfortunate as to have missed out on all the fun on the 2nd and the 3rd, you still have time to participate in the Encore on Saturday, September 8th.  This event is going to start at 12:00 PM (noon) EDT and will take place until 11:59 PM EDT that night.  During those 12 hours there will be a 1 percent price freeze.  That means that all items will sell at a discount of 99 percent off their retail values.  

While the Labor-Palooza is the big event at Beezid right now, don’t forget to check out the Video and Photo Contests which are being hosted as well.  With these competitions all you have to do to enter is upload a short video or a photo which features you and one of your auction wins.  When you enter you automatically receive 50 free bids (video) or 25 free bids (photo).  You also are entering for a chance to win 2000 bids (video) or 500 bids (photo).  You can only get the free bids for entry one time for each contest, but you can enter as many times as you’d like for a chance to win the drawing.

Don’t miss the Encore at on Sept 8!

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