SkoreIt AAA Auction Tips

How to Win AAA Auctions on Skoreit

This article takes a look at winning tips, ideas and strategies for the “AAA” auctions, or “All Action Auctions” on These auctions are “no bid-agent auctions” meaning that every single bid has to be clicked and not done via the auto-bidder. Everyone is a single bidder, get ready to battle.

SkoreIt! ”AAA Auctions” = No Auto Bidder Only Single Bids

The general perception I have of these auctions is that single bidding only auctions is less intimidating in general to other bidders across the spectrum, especially rookie bidders. This means they are much more likely to get involved and start placing some bids than if they see that you are auto bidding on an auction. This psychological aspect of the game has led SkoreIt to add more and more of these AAA auctions into the mix. Successful bidders are experimenting with different strategies to win and the following are ideas I have put into successful winning efforts in recent AAA auctions.

Quick Kill Strategy – Winning the Auction Early – There are two early auction strategies that I have used most effectively. The quick kill is when you engage in hyper aggressive bidding as fast as the site allows you to click while the auction is counting down to under the time ceiling. Your job is to apply a certain amount of bids by bidding wide open as fast as you can during the count down and the sold battle. This is probably the most effective strategy if you are careful about which auctions you select.

Defend Early – Strike Hard When Time is Right – This strategy relies on spending a smaller amount of bids in a defensive effort to wear down or eliminate the major competition into a situation that is then favorable for you to strike hard and win. If the original aggressive bidder(s) have not relented by the time you have spent your defensive bids you go into a completely passive mode, willing to let the auction end but also sticking around in case the conditions change in your favor where you can then deploy your bids allocated to aggressive bidding.

Do Not Let Others Be The Count Down Bidder – No one see’s ‘Going Once’ but you, you out bid other bidders before that point every single time being the aggressive count down guy. When you are bidding you are spending more bids than others but they are on the defense and you are on the offense.

Do Not Listen To Tips That Say Conserve Bids By Bidding At Going Twice Only – You should only bid at going twice if you are playing defense. This bidding skill is like being the goal keeper by blocking anyone else from winning. You should only bid defensively when you have to. The reason for this is because these bids do not win auctions and that means we want to use as many of our bids in situations where we can win. The vast majority of your bids should be done so aggressively and that is not done by bidding at going twice.

Do Not Let Others Think They Are “Getting Close”
When other bidders see that they are “about to win” they are much more inclined to keep bidding more and more. If they *never* even get the chance at getting close against you they are more likely to save their bids. This means if you are budgeting 100 bids on an auction, hammer them down when you decide to start bidding!

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