Benefits of Bidding at isn’t the largest penny auction site on the net, but it is arguably one of the best.  There are many different types of auctions you can enter, and if you’re new to bidding at penny auctions, you’ll discover auctions offered for beginners.  Even more savings are available through the Rewards Program, which allows you to easily accumulate free bids by doing simple things.  

The most basic type of auction at HappyBidDay is of course the penny auction.  Every time you place a bid on an item (each bid costs you between $0.50 and $0.80, depending on the particulars of the auction you’re participating in), the price of the item is increased by $0.01, and time is added to the timer.  The timer starts counting down again automatically, and if the time runs out and you were the last person to bid, then you win the item.  It’s possible to get discounts of up to 80-90 percent this way. To review HappyBidDay further click here.

There are several other types of auctions which HappyBidDay offers and which can help you save money while you’re participating in penny auctions.  The first type is Happy Auctions.  These are auctions for people who have free bids to participate with, bids which you can win through other auctions or through the rewards program.  Another type of auction geared toward beginners is Start Auctions.  There are also Bids Back auctions, which are exactly what they sound like.  When you participate in these auctions you get your bids back if you happen to win.

One of the easiest ways to participate in Happy Auctions is by participating in the Rewards Program.  HappyBidDay makes this easy by making it automatic and by rewarding free bids for simple things which you probably don’t even think about.  When you register you get 50 free bids right off the top.  If you log into the site each day you can receive 25 bids each time.  If you choose to share the site with friends using the Invite Your Friends feature, you get 30 free bids for every referral that joins.  Five to fifty free bids are included in every bid pack you purchase; the more you buy, the more free bids you receive as a bonus.  On your birthday, HappyBidDay wishes you a happy birthday with 100 free bids.  Once you’ve accumulated some free bids you can participate in Happy Auctions.  If you aren’t ready to risk money yet, this is a good way to get started and learn how penny auctions work, and maybe even win something along the way.

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