Beezid Pro Review

Beezid pro is a stats tool that gives you stats, history, bidding information and entire history of an auction for penny auction site It is a tool that strategic beezid bidders use to improve their win rate. Using BeezidPro you get a high level of intelligence on your competition through analytics and stats.

It gives you the information to bid as strategically as possible armed with relevant, useful and accurate information to help you best apply your beezid bidding strategies.

Beezid Pro analytics tool will provide you with information and stats you need to know to give yourself the best chance to win an auction at beezid. This review takes a look at the analytics tool and bidding statistics tool for known as Beezid Pro.

What is BeezidPro

Beezid pro is a small computer program that tracks, stores, maintains and displays data about the bidders and auctions at Beezid.

See total number of bids each person has placed, links to historical bidding and price data and full auction history.

Beezid pro takes the publicly available information and stores, sorts, displays and manages the data so you can make informed bidding decisions at Beezid, one of the most competitive penny auction websites in existence.

In a nut shell, Beezid Pro gives you significant data to help you make better bidding decisions and give you a large edge. If you intelligently apply the information you have at your fingertips then that helps improve your chances of winning penny auctions on Beezid.

Beezid pro is a real time intelligence gathering device that allows you to find out way more data than you can find using alone. Specifically they show current auction information as well as historical auction information on each bidder.

Click on a bidders name and see past wins and losses including how many bids they spent in each.

How does Beezid Pro Bidding Software Work?

After downloading the small program to you computer, you simply open up the program on your computer and open up a browser like firefox, chrome or if you must, internet explorer. Then, you can either the link from within the Beezid pro ap that says “View Auctions Ending Soon”

It is easiest to click ‘View Auctions Ending Soon’ and then click on the auction you are interested in. Once clicking on that auction you have access to a full list of every bidder who has bid on this auction up to this point.

You will see the

  • Bidder Names (which you can click on for more data)
  • How many bids they have spent
  • How long ago they last bid
  • How much money on bids they have spent (estimated)
  • Historical info like how many wins that bidder has under their belt
  • How many total auctions they have participated in
  • How long they have been bidding on this auction

Once you click on a bidders name you get another screen that shows you:

  • Basic Bidder Stats
  • # of tracked bids ever
  • Overall Wins
  • Total # of auctions
  • That Bidders Winning %
  • Estimated bid cost of the bidder
  • Previous wins & Previous Losses

You will also see a list of other important information like:

  • Potential Snipers (best estimated guess by pulling the last second single bidders)
  • How many (estimated) sniper bids they have used (remember the MAX per auction per bidder is 20)
  • Historical Price Charts – see the averages prices this item auctioned for in the past
  • Historical Prices – see exact ending auctions of this particular item over time
  • Bid Timeline – useful to see who is active and who is not so active or who has been bidding since the beginning and still at it
  • General Auction Stats tb that breaks down how many total bidders, total bids, how many of them were auto bidders and how many were single as well as auction starting and ending times

Using Beezid Pro to Win More Penny Auctions At

Can Beezidpro help you become a pro at Beezid? Absolutely and to be honest it feels like you are doing yourself a dis-service if you are bidding at beezid for anything remotely of value and not using Beezid Pro.

Listen, does not want you to know that Beezid Pro exists!. They do not want you to know it exists and they do not want savvy bidders like yourself using information like this to your advantage.

Only a small percentage of bidders on beezid will invest in a stats tracking program like this to improve how to win at Beezid. Even though the cost is miniscule in comparison to the amount of bids you are likely to purchase if you are bidding on anything half way competitive at Beezid. Very few will take the time to search for penny auction bidding stats tools like this to improve your chances of success.

  • Use the data to guide your bidding decisions
  • Specifically research your competition! This is more important than any other factor and that is who is bidding against you and what are their habits and traits?
  • Research the historical charts to find spots where the auction seems to be coming to a close. Then, use beezidpro to gather intelligence on your competition and find if there are any bidders that appear weak enough to go to battle with
  • Information is key to winning more often on Beezid

What Beezid Pro Does not Do

Beezid pro is not a script or a bot that places last possible second bids for you! The software is not an automated bidding software that lets you essentially have an unlimited ‘beezid sniper’. You still play the game fairly and following all the rules that other users have to follow. Beezid pro just gives you the statistics and bidding patterns, trends and volumes of your competition to allow you to best exercise your penny auction bidding strategy.

You can not find out exactly how many bids someone has left at beezid using BeezidPro but you can find out how many bids they have used so far in this auction. Beezid Pro is the ultimate intelligence gathering tool for bidders on the market. It is an investment that can pay for itself easily from anyone who is looking to improve their win rate on beezid.

Is Beezid Pro Legal or Allowed on

There is nothing illegal about Beezid pro but as to the question is allowing it? No, and actively looks for the software and can apparently find it if you are using the firefox plugin on your auctions.

We have read reports of people loosing their accounts for using the software and we have read (true or not unsure) that people were discovered using the firefox plugin for beezid pro as it left a certain footprint on the beezid site that they were able to detect.

In addition to the firefox plugin, I would venture to guess that can detect the software other ways as well, even though there are other sites that say it is absolutely impossible for them to detect this software. If you read’s t’s and c’s (which you should) they state “use of unauthorized third-party bidding software”. I will highlight bidding software which Beezid Pro is not. It does not bid for you or place last second bids on your behalf. There are indeed scripts out there that do such things but we do not recommend them as they are clearly against the t’s and c’s of the site. This program only harvests information for you. There are some bid scripts and ‘auction snipers” out there that last millisecond bid for you which are clearly against the rules and will have your account terminated but Beezid Pro is not a bidding tool in that fashion.

Now with that said, I wouldn’t call up Beezid’s support and complain because you didn’t win an auction after Beezid pro told you that your competition was a weak bidder and he ended up out bidding you… that would probably get you in hot water.

You are smart enough to be looking at this review of Beezid pro software, so I can assume you understand that discretion is the better part of valor in this instance.

Here is the thing about Beezid pro bidding software, other winning bidders are using it today and you are at a dis-advantage if you do not come to the fight properly armed. Some of your main competition is probably using it.

I understand that Beezid does not want you to use the software. It lowers their profits because you do not waste as many bids as you might otherwise. However, all the information gathered by is public information. It is not illegal to watch hundreds of auctions and track the bidders by hand, so why is it illegal to outsource that piece of the puzzle?

To hammer the point home, beezid pro does not give you any information that could not be found by a bidder tracking by hand all of the data themselves! Sure it is unrealistic that you have the time or resources to manually track auctions but technically you could outsource a few dozen workers remotely and have them track this data for you and get the information. Beezid pro just does this grunt work for you and puts it all together in an easy to read format.

Again, Beezid pro does not not place bids for you at the last millisecond or anything like that which is clearly illegal at Beezid and against their t’s and c’s. Beezid Pro just gathers intelligence for you.

Beezid Pro simply gathers public information, organizes it and displays it for you in an easy to read format.

Make no mistake about it though, does not want you to use Beezid pro and the reasons are obvious… because it helps you win more with less bids spent and it is effective. There will be consequences if from if they catch you using this powerful analytics tool to help you win more.

You are an adult so you decide if beezid pro is right for you.

Beezid Pro Youtube Video – Watch How Beezid Pro Works

This youtube video from Jason Cooper, the creator of will show you examples of all of the features listed above and let you see how it works live.

Get your copy of Beezid Pro – Click Here Now and thank me later!