BidRivals Affiliate Program

Bid Rivals Affiliate Program

The BidRivals affiliate program currently ranks as our highest paying cpa deal for any of the penny auction sites we list. With up to a $100 CPA starting out, this affiliate offer is one that you should strongly consider. Combine the high payout offer with the quality penny auction site with world wide operations and a reputation highly regarded in the industry make this an easy choice to promote.

As of October 24, 2011 BidRivals will no longer offering an affiliate payout for referring US bidders. They are paying for international bidders.

Bid Rivals Payout Offer – Up to $100 CPA. Your traffic will need to be quality and valuable to maintain these high CPA’s and the reporting and currency is done in AUD. Tracking is solid showing clicks, leads, sales, amount of the purchase and the commissions earned.

Payment Details – This is the one area that BidRivals affiliates program could use some improvement on. They offer payments via check. Payments are made to you 60 days after a months accrual. Meaning if you accrued $100 in January, you will be paid April 1st or thereabouts. This long time delay in payouts mean it is not easy to promote Bid Rivals via PPC where you need money flowing in in order to pay for more advertising.

Reasons To Promote BidRivals as an Affiliate

  • Highest CPA’s in the penny auction affiliate industry (at least from the sites we list)
  • Many auctions offer Buy It Now – resulting in fewer customer complaints and cries of being ripped off
  • World Wide business operations and brand
  • High end auction items entice bidders to get signed up
  • The affiliate manager is on the ball. Whenever I have asked him questions via email he has gotten back to me usually within minutes.

Among our short list of quality penny auction affiliate deals, BidRivals is one of our favorites and has made good money. Along with the Happy Bid Day affiliate program, we are content listing them as one of our top sites.

For more information on how the affiliate program works at BidRivals and for insight into how they can pay a high CPA like this, consider this Cornell paper explaining how the pay per bid sites make bank and you will get in depth insight into how the business works, how you fit in and how you can make good money promoting a cool site like Bid Rivals!