Bye Bye BidRivals? Shut Down

While the website has been down since late April, just two days ago was an update to the webpage. It claims that they are undergoing a new ownership.

We are currently working on technical improvements and re-organization of our staff. These improvements are part of a efficiency plan within the organization of

All customers will be contacted regarding the products they have won our bought with the buy now option. We’ll not just go “black” as many would suggest. We made a commitment towards our users and we’ll honour that.

We ask a little more patience until we’re back online.

If you have any questions:

Bidrivals Team

We are betting that Bidrivals are done. The few remaining quality penny bidding sites are shrinking by the day. One of our old favorites have been culling the winners like it is no ones business lately and according to google trends the penny auction volume is down. This fall will be the real test as that is when historically penny auction season has been in full effect.

We could be wrong, and perhaps hopefully so as they were a viable place to win good deals.

What Happened To Bid Rivals? Where To Bid Now?

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The Auction Junkie, better known just as "Spry" grew up in the country in the foothills of north Georgia. I began playing competitive games like chess and backgammon at a very young age. I began playing poker somewhat seriously a year before Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP and have been doing so every since. Making the leap to penny auctions came fairly easy as penny auctions are strategic games with similar aspects to poker, chess and gambling in general.
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