Beezid Strategy Changes – Adjusting To New Auctions

About two months ago, Beezid made major changes to how their auctions work. Most specifically, they changed how their auto bidder, aka the auto-beezid worked on their regular auctions. The change they made was to make it, in my opinion, more quibids like. If you are new to penny auctions you probably don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. I will explain.

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Formerly, Beezid had an auto-bidder that acted like a machine gun. It bid wide open at ‘anytime’. Meaning as soon as someone else bid against you, you automatically bid against them. If two ‘auto-bidding beezid bidders’ were engaged at the same time, each would burn through 10 bids in about 1 second.

This continued until one bidder backed down.

Now, the auto bidders bid slower. One will bid and the timer will count down 7-8 seconds and the other will bid. This isn’t ‘exactly like how bidding on quibids works‘ because the bids seem to come around the 6 second mark instead of more randomly. This really works more like skoreit’s 5 second bid agent that bids at five seconds.

The old style of rapid fire bids is now on what they call ‘Turbo’ auctions. This is the old style fire fast and machine like one on top of the other.

Now, when picking your battles (which auctions to bid on) determining if it is a regular or an turbo style auction should help you determine how you allocate your bids in the auction to maximize your chances to win. Our general beezid winning strategies are still recommended however you can now plan your bidding accordingly.

About Auction Junkie

The Auction Junkie, better known just as "Spry" grew up in the country in the foothills of north Georgia. I began playing competitive games like chess and backgammon at a very young age. I began playing poker somewhat seriously a year before Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP and have been doing so every since. Making the leap to penny auctions came fairly easy as penny auctions are strategic games with similar aspects to poker, chess and gambling in general.
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