Quibids Tips – Binning or Winning on Quibids.com

It is tough to win on Quibids. Let me rephrase that. It is tough to win the popular items. Especially once you’ve won a couple of the easy to win items that most new quibids bidders win. It’s easy to win things like the Quibids t-shirt with some free bids attached, or get that first win on a small bid pack or maybe a DVD movie you might be interested in someday.

It’s hard to win an ipad on quibids. It’s hard to win TV’s and Dyson vacuums, and the other higher end popular items.

Five Quibids Tips That Can Help You Win

  • Understand how “BIN” works and be able to calculate how many bids it will take someone to reach “BIN” (buy it now).
  • If you are able to correctly calculate when your opposition is near BIN – you can “jump” at this point. This is an excellent ‘bluffing’ spot
  • Be aware others are doing the same calculations and similar strategies
  • It’s better to spend all your bids on one auction and win or bin than to spread out handfuls here and there hoping to get lucky
  • Be prepared to “BIN” the item yourself IF you commit to winning

Explaining the Quibids.com Advice More In Depth

How BIN Works on Quibids – BIN (buy it now) The value of each bid is applied towards purchasing the item you are bidding on. Once you have bid enough times to fully pay for the item, you have reached ‘BIN’. It is important to note that quibids forces bidders who BIN the item to exit the auction. You can not overbid on Quibids. Once you hit BIN you can not keep bidding. To calculate “BIN” you have to multiply the actual value of bids times the numbers of bids placed. If you have an auctions retail value – you can calculate how many bids it takes to reach “BIN” by dividing the price of the item by .60 (assuming full price bids of $0.60 each – voucher bids do not count towards BIN so it makes calculation tricky).

A Good Bluffing / Jumping Opportunity – Is when the main competition is at their BIN point. If you can count their bids, and know how much each of their bids are valued then you can determine where they should reach BIN. At this point it can be a good opportunity to take over the aggressive bidding position in the auction.

Be Aware Of Savvy Competition – Penny auctions like quibids are competitive as hell. Let’s face it, it is not easy to win on Quibids.com. Others are out there calculating BIN right along with you because it makes sense to do so.

One Auction, All Your Bids – It is better to go all out to win or BIN than bid a few here or there. If you want to not lose money then it is better to go all out. This goes along with the final tip of win or bin.

BIN or Win – You will get your item one way or the other and you will start the process of earning a reputation of a bidder who will go the distance. The $500 Breville Juicer I “Won” for my wife is a testament to this strategy. I tried to win a juicer for discount but ended up paying retail through the BIN function of Quibids. This ‘bin-ability’ makes this an entertainment auction.

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