Happy Birthday…reasons to PAR-TAY!

Beezid.com Turns 2!

For those with children 2 usually brings upon the ‘terrible 2’s’ stage…. but when a penny auction site turns 2 there’s nothing terrible about it!

Beezid is rockin’ it with a birthday bash aimed more at their bidders than at themselves.


Party starts: Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 6pm EDT

Party Ends: Friday, November 4, 2011 at 11:59pm EDT


For 30 straight hours there will be a 2% freeze on EVERY auction!

Translation: There is a GUARANTEED 98-99% savings off retail prices for 30 hours

During that 30 hours of continuous partying Beezid.com will offer present auctions (meaning you bid, you win, THEN you find out what your fabulous gift is). They will also offer 2 – YES 2! – 10,000 bid packs!


With an unbelievable party like that you can’t shut ‘er down and go back to reality right away. So Beezid kicked in an after-party as well. For 27 hours after the initial party beezid.com will offer risk-free bidding with a 10% price freeze.

For those birthday lovers (such as myself) I suggest you set your clocks for some major party action at Beezid today! And for the party poopers – well, don’t come crying unless you wanna hear ‘I told you so!’

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