HappyBidday Birthday


Look who’s 1! Happybidday.com has proven itself as a safe, trust-worthy penny auction site that is giving back to its new and current bidders this birthday month!

There are so many birthday celebrations being offered it’ll be hard NOT to get in on one!

New to Happybidday?

You’ll get 100 Registration Bids added in your free bid account!

Already a current happybidday.com bidder?

  • Receive 35% off Bid pack purchases on your next 2 bid packs between October 31 – Nov 7. Simply use promo code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY to get this gift from happybidday
  • Login daily the month of November! Each day that you do you’ll receive 200 bids in your free bid account
  • Want to sign up your friends? Birthday celebrations are a great time to bring your friends on-board especially when you receive 100 free bids every time a friend signs up

Win more with increased win limits the month of November

  • Happy Auctions – bumped up to total wins per day 3, per week 21, per month 60
  • Regular Auctions – bumped up to total wins per week 10, per month 40
  • Category Wins – Blue Lock – 3 per month, Green Lock – 4 per month, Orange Lock – 5 per month, Red Lock – 6 per month

First Birthday deserves a First Time Ever Auction

Happybidday.com is auctioning off 2 – 1,000 Bid packs PER WEEK! (If that doesn’t make you want to get in on the party – I don’t know what will!)


Birthday parties are great but SURPRISE parties are even better! Happybidday will be having a surprise birthday event daily the month of November! Check back often to see if you’ll get free shipping or your bids back on auctions!

Head over to HappyBidday and party it up today!

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