Qbids.com, Q Bids, Quick Bids… What is that Auction Site On TV?

QuibidsYou have probably seen the commercial with the energetic female telling you about a brand new auction site where you can buy high end items for pennies on the dollar. The real name of of the site is not qbids, quick bids or quickbid. The official name is QuiBids.com and they are the largest US penny auction site as of 2012. Here are the official details of the qbids.com penny bid site:

Qbids.com, Q bids, Quick Bids – What Is It and How Does It Work

Screen shot of homepage of Quibids.com Penny Auction

Screenshot of Quibids home page, where all the auctions are listed.

As mentioned above, the official name you are looking for is “QuiBids”. However, almost everyone I talk to about the commercial almost never says the name right. It sounds like quick bids without the “ck”. Qui Bids. (www.quibids.com)

I ask them;

“Hey did you see that ad on TV for iPad’s being sold for like twenty bucks? The answer is always something like:

Yeah, it was like on Q bids (www.qbids.com), or quick bids (www.quickbids.com) or something like that right? What is that all about… there is no way you can buy a big screen tv for $80 bucks, come on!

They are right, you can not buy a flat screen for $80 bucks. Not directly, anyway.

I will explain…

Sites like Quibids.com, cough I mean Qbids, work on a pay to bid model. You have to buy bids just to participate in an auction, whether you win or lose the auction you are spending money just participating. Think of them as a competitive game that costs money to play. You can see more about the penny bidding business model here.

Quibids Bid Pack Prices

Buy Bids, Bid In Qbids Penny Auctions - You Have To Buy Bids To Play

That is not to say that they are scams! Quibids.com is NOT a scam at all. They are members of the Oklahoma BBB and have been for years. (Neither is qubids or qbids or the site you saw on the tube!) You as a bidder just have to know what you are getting into. It is not discount shopping.

Penny auctions like Quibids are games that you can play strategically and there are successful bidding strategies that give you more chances to win than not.

Who is Q Bids or Quick Bid or QBid.com?

The site you are looking for is no doubt QuiBids.com (review). Most everyone almost always thinks the site is Qbids.com (click here) or quick bids when first looking for them.

The energetic woman in the TV commercial claiming you can buy the latest and greatest electronics like iPads, iPods, PS3’s, xBox 360’s etc and household items like the Dyson vacuums or the bladeless fans. This is similar to the ad you probably saw:

QuiBid.com Advertisement via YouTube

As mentioned above, this new site business model employs a penny auction where there is a cost involved just in bidding. If you lose the auction, you lose any money spent on bids trying to win the auction. However, at Q Bid, 100% of their auctions have a “BIN” option. I will explain that more below.
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Check Out Qui Bids Yourself & See What The Hype Is About

They are the largest penny bidding site in the US as well as one of the most trusted. 100% of their auctions offer buy one now feature, lowering your risk. If you find an item you want at a price point you are comfortable with on Quibids.com then there is very little risk in bidding on it if you are willing to go to BIN. So, give yourself a chance to win a great deal if you strategically bid! Good luck out there and hopefully this article cleared up a little bit of the confusion about the sites you are seeing on TV.

You may have also recently seen TV commercials for another penny auction site called score it (actually it’s skoreit but that’s another name that is easily mixed up).

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