Beezid vs Skoreit

I am mainly bidding on two penny auction sites at the moment, Beezid and Skore It. This post is going to give my honest opinion on these two penny auction sites. I will compare how they are similar and what makes them different so you can figure out which site is best to bid at. One quick note, I assume you already understand the basics of penny auctions and how they work, if not you should read up on our penny bidding basics section.

Beezid Screenshot

Beezid auction screenshot. You can see the bid history, where to manually bid and where to book an auto bidder.

Beezid Penny Auction

SkoreIt Screenshot

SkoreIt Auction Screentshot - This is where you Bid.

SkoreIt Penny Auction

Beezid v SkoreIt Basics

  • Both sites are large and legit.
  • They both have a positive history and reputation in the industry.
  • Both sites are based in the USA.
  • Both sites have been advertising on TV. SkoreIt you’ve probably seen on ESPN, Beezid with a bunch of TV commercials.
  • Beezid is larger than SkoreIt in terms brand search volume (source). However, the gap is closing.
  • Beezid has beginner auctions while SkoreIt does not. Beginner auctions are only open to people with no wins.
  • Beezid has ‘bid for free’ auctions, which let you try to win bids to buy for a discounted price in auction and SkoreIt does not.
  • SkoreIt has multiple bid-agent options, Beezid has 1 option and a sniper. (will explain more below)
  • SkoreIt has some ‘buy one now auctions’ beezid does not
  • SkoreIt allows you to click bidders names to find more information, Beezid does not (i love this feature on skore it!)
  • Beezid uses a ‘rapid fire’ auto-bidder that zips through your bids when another auto bidder is engaged at the same time at a clip of about 10 bids each per second. Skore it’s has an anytime bidder but it takes about a second each bid to deploy.
  • Beezid offers higher end TV’s and audio equipment than SkoreIt.
  • SkoreIt auctions precious metals, Beezid does not.
  • SkoreIt ships products way faster than Beezid.

Bidding on SkoreIt vs Beezid

Bidding on Beezid – The bidding on Beezid is fast and furious. The auction price can jump up way faster than on SkoreIt. The reason for this is that the Beezid auto-bidder works unlike any other penny auction site out there that I have played on. There are two types of auto-bidding features on Beezid. The beezid auto-bidder and the beezid sniper.

  • Beezid “Auto-Bidder” fires like a bid machine gun
  • Beezid “Sniper” fires like a single shot ‘spoiler’ keeping someone else from winning by bidding at the last possible moment for you Bidding Interface - Load up your Auto Bidder Bidding Interface

The beezid auto bidder is machine gun fast bidding.

If two auto bidders are firing at the same time then it is like two machine guns firing bids back and forth at one another wide open. You can burn through 100 bids in 10 seconds on Beezid. It would take a few minutes to burn 100 bids on SkoreIt.

The Beezid Sniper allows for an interesting twist as well because it is an auto bidding tool that has a few key traits and limitations.

  • First, this auto bidder allows you to place up to 20 last second bids in an auction.
  • Only useable once per auction
  • Only 20 bids max per sniper

The sniper is one of those tools on Beezid that diminishes the power of a big auto-bidder. These last moment bids keep the auction going and keeps the auto-bidder spending bids against all the single bidders. It is similar to the ultimate ‘going twice’ bidder on SkoreIt that places that last millisecond bid to keep the auction going and burn more of the aggressive bidders bids. Compare this to SkoreIt which has multiple bid agent options.

One other important note about bidding on these sites before we move on.

You can only book one auto-bidder at a time on Beezid. You have to cancel it or have it run it’s course before starting another one. On SkoreIt you can set multiple bid agents up at any time.

SkoreIt Bidding – Strategic bidding dominates with intimidation, tactics and skill.

  • SkoreIt “Anytime Bid Agent” – anytime someone outbids you, you outbid them
  • Five Second Bid Agent – at the 5 second mark, you bid
The auto bidder on SkoreIt with examples.

SkoreIt Bid-Agent Options

While there are more bidding choices for SkoreIt, the main two types of auto bidders will be your ‘anytime’ bid agent and the 5 second bid agent. The anytime bid-agent is the closest thing to the auto-bidder on beezid. It bids whenever someone out bids you. The bids just fire bids at a slower rate of about 1 per second compared to Beezid. If you are up against another anytime bid agent the bids will still fire back and forth but instead of a machine gun it is more like a pistol shooting back and forth.

SkoreIt also offers a different option and that is the 5 second bid agent. This works by bidding at the 5 second mark. If you are the count down bidder and you get to a ‘Going Once’ that lasts a second then you know you are not up against any 5 second bid agent and will just be battling last second single clickers.

SkoreIt Bidding Engine VS Beezid
The bidding engine is the way the bids are entered and received by the bidding site. I mean when you click the button to bid, how does it ‘go’. And how do the auto bidders work and how do you load up them up.

The interface and reaction of the SkoreIt bidding agent is my favorite. It is responsive and near instant once you click the bid button the bid is registered. The bidding at Beezid is fairly good as well however the bidding engine, in my opinion is not as fine tuned as that of SkoreIt.

My vote goes to SkoreIt for having the best bidding engine. I love how responsive it is.

Auction Count Down Clocks Compared

The count down timers at SkoreIt and Beezid are very different.

Beezids’ count down clock works like this: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GOING, SOLD. There is roughly 1 second between each tick. From going to ‘SOLD’ on Beezid is FAST. If you are trying to be a last second single bidder on Beezid then it is next to impossible to bid at ‘GOING’ on Beezid. It is hard to be a last moment bidder. You have got to click early to keep from losing.

Compare to Skoreit’s count down clock which works like: 7, 6, Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD!. There is roughly TWO seconds between the “Goings”.

SkoreIt’s count down timer gives a steady tempo. The difference in time between Going Once & Going Twice is just about the exact same time between Going Twice & SOLD!

This steady skoreit clock tempo and a super responsive SI bidding engine lets you last moment bid effectively. It really does allow for skillful game play by being the last millisecond single bidder. This is known in the penny auction circles as ‘bringing the pain‘ by bidding Going Twice to extend the auction out and make the aggressive bidder pay. This allows you to play defense.

  • You can be a last second bidder on Skoreit, bidding deep into ‘Going Twice’
  • You can not be a last second single bidder on Beezid. The auction will close quickly if it gets to going and you have not clicked yet
  • Even bidding at “1” which is a full second before GOING has not worked for me on Beezid

Penny Auction Site Features

While I’m not going to go into full site reviews of these bidding beasts, (I have already done that) there are a few key features I want to touch on when discussing what is different about these bidding websites.

  • All of the auctions on Beezid are at full risk to you. Meaning there is not a buy it now option.
  • Some auctions on SkoreIt are “OT” which means they offer a buy it now. You must adjust your strategy accordingly on SI depending on which type of auctions you are participating in.
  • SkoreIt offers a deeper level of competitor information and research. You can click on a bidders name and see their last 28 day win history. Virtually all serious bidders have their win history turned on. If you click on a bidders name you can see the win and how many bids they spent to acquire that win. If you click on a bidders name and see a win with hundreds, if not thousands of bids spent, are you likely to battle this person?
  • If you are interested in which products these sites have on auction, check out this page which has lists of top penny auctions by product, category and feature.

Overall Who is Most Competitive – Beezid or SkoreIt Competition

These are both extremely competitive penny auction sites. Virtually all the good penny auctions are anyway.

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