Most Epic Bid Pack Battle On SkoreIt To Date

There is not much to say here except DAMN! This is arguably the most epic bid pack battle ever on skoreit.

13,500 bids placed trying to win 120 bids. The auction winner would have to pay nearly double the retail price of the bids to claim his 'won' auction.

These guys wives are going to hit the roof when they see the credit card statement this month!

I watched some of this battle… here is some interesting things of note.

  • Over 13,000 bids placed to win this bid pack of 120 bids
  • The Bid Pack Retails at $75 – The auction price closed at $135, nearly double!
  • WONTSTOP was the initial ‘tagger’ (according to the regs in the forum)
  • Random bidders (giftsforthetroops clone decided to jump in randomly around the $75 mark for about 10 bids i think just to be funny.
  • Then, according to IBIDJUSTTOWIN, xception jumped at $115 for a few hundred bids for what has to be one of the biggest wastes of money possible?
  • Afterwards the winner lost a 240 pack for a couple hundred bids
  • Link to the Auction Results
  • See what the SkoreIt Regulars had to say about this one starting on page 184 of the thread

My advice? Study up on SkoreIt Strategies and avoid battles like this at all costs. It is going to be virtually impossible for either of these bidders to get to profitability anytime in the near future. Once you take a hit as big as this you have to recoup so much in losses to start to break even it isn’t even funny, or possible. The reputation a 6k bid deep win gets you is hard to parlay into a long term winning position. We shall see how this develops over the coming weeks as the aftermath of this battle settles down.

P.S. a late add, here is a link to another epic bid pack battle on skoreit… (thx jstod for the reminder)!

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