Quibids.com New Gameplay

Quibids.com has proved themselves to be quite the penny auction site for those who like things to stay in the “fresh” status. The month of October they brought out a fun Halloween Contest as well as an opportunity to support Breast Cancer. On top of that they’ve brought about games!

What games are there?

Currently Quibids is only offering one game – Treasure Cove. (This makes me believe that there are more games to come…probably with bigger prizes.)

Let’s start with Treasure Cove Details

Step 1: Get a Game you want to play

Currently only one so the selection won’t require too much thought. 🙂

Step 2: Win a Game Play

Earn a gameplay by winning an auction that includes a gameplay with it. …occasionally Quibids will slip you a gameplay for simply bidding on certain penny auctions.

Step 3: Play a game and Win Bids!

Once you’ve gotten your gameplay you can use it to win bids. Those free bids you get (just for playing a game) can be used to bid on more penny auctions. And hopefully those penny auctions you bid on will have gameplays attached to them so you can continue to play, win free bids, and win more great penny auctions. It’s a big circle of winning bids and winning auctions. By the way, Quibids.co.uk launched recently, accepting people of the British Crown. UK residents can now bid at Quibids!

So what are you waiting for? Hop over to Quibids.com today – win a few penny auctions with gameplays and get in on the Treasure Cove game!


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