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QuiBids (www.quibids.com) debuted in October 2009, and has since become the largest penny auction site online. Actually, Quibids is an Entertainment Auction, not a penny auction. Even though many people search for them with the penny auction term. They do have auctions that go up by one penny, but technically they are an entertainment auction since each and every one of their auctions have a buy one now (BIN) feature attached to it.

Who is Quibids & How Does Quibids Work?

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Quibids is an entertainment auction by their own acclaim. They are commonly called a penny auction because their prices increase by a penny each time someone bids. They are the most popular entertainment auction in the USA and one of the largest, if not the largest, in the world. Quibids.com hosts a huge volume of auctions for which bids cost only $.60. One of the advantages about their size is that it ensures the auctions are safe, well-monitored, and legitimate. QuiBids has a well-earned reputation for offering a fair and trustworthy penny auction service enjoyed by both new and experienced bidders. See our growing number of real bidder reviews of quibids and see how they rated this huge penny bidding site.

One feature that many participants find handy is the site’s “Buy it Now” option. If you exercise this option, you can deduct the value of the bids you placed on the item during the auction to reduce its price. One potential downside is that QuiBids imposes auction limits. You can only win 12 penny auctions within a 28-day period, and 3 auctions within a 24-hour period. However, you can buy Limit Busters, which can be used to remove wins from your record.

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If you already have an account you are not eligible for this promotion code. Once you are signed up to Quibids and made your first purchase then your bonus and free bids will appear in your account and ready to use in the auctions. Please note that you will not see the location to enter your Quibids promotion code until you complete the 1st step of registration. It is wise to start fresh using one of our links and making sure that your username is as effective as possible in helping you win! (If you are not sure what we are talking about, sign up for our free penny auction strategy report!)

Is QuiBids A Scam Or A Legit Penny Auction

All bids are priced the same regardless of quantity!

To be clear, QuiBids is not a scam. They are legit. They have maintained an impressive grade of “A-” at the Better Business Bureau since joining in 2010. That said, any large penny auction site is bound to attract a few negative comments from those who have been disappointed with the experience. The key is understanding what has caused their disappointment. They are also one of the few large penny auctions with buy it now on all of their auctions.

In our experience, those who have complained about penny auction sites in general, and QuiBids in particular, misunderstand how sites like Quibids work.

Most penny auctions list items starting at $.01. Each bid submitted for an item raises its price by $.01. Each bid also adds time to the countdown timer, giving other participants a chance to make subsequent bids. If the timer runs out, the last bidder wins. This is the very basics of penny auctions. If you do not understand this, you are going to question what is Quibids and how does it really work.

Using this model, it is possible for the auction site to make money, even when selling an iPad for $20. Consider: an iPad that sells for $20 would have attracted 2,000 bids, with each bid costing $.60. That totals $1,200. As long as the auction site buys the iPad for less than $1,200, they will make money. Is it possible for you to lose money in these auctions? Yes, since you’re submitting bids for which you pay $.60 apiece. If you lose an auction, these bids are nonrefundable. Quibids is not like ebay.com at all and do not think so other wise. See more here at quibids vs ebay, they are not even close to the same thing.

We have written a detailed explanation regarding how penny auction sites work elsewhere on this site. You can also find ratings and reviews of QuiBids from actual bidders at the bottom of this page. We understand how nerve-wracking it is to use an auction site for the first time. That’s the reason we created a page listing the safest penny auction sites online.

Types Of Products On Auction

As the largest penny auction site in terms of bidder traffic, QuiBids.com enjoys an economy of scale that other sites lack see our other penny auction site reviews. As a result, they can offer an enormous variety of top-shelf, brand-name products that sell for pennies on the dollar. The more bidders that participate, the more bids any given item will attract. The site makes more money, and the breadth and quality of their products grow.

Common auction items include:

  • Apple iMacs
  • Bid packs
  • Gaming consoles
  • Blu-ray players
  • Notebooks
  • Computer speakers
  • Cameras
  • Wine bars
  • Golf clubs (a Callaway Edge combo set sold for $.26!)
  • Sandals
  • Jewelry
  • Gas scooters
  • Carpet cleaners
  • iPads
  • iPods
  • Large-screen HDTVs (a recent bidder won a 46″ HDTV for $98.22)
  • Click to see all items up for auctions at QuiBids

Shipping Details For QuiBids

QuiBids guarantees that most of the winning products are shipped from suppliers within two days of receiving payment. This is reasonably fast. We’ve seen other popular penny auction sites take longer. When tracking information is available for an item, you’ll be able to access the details on QuiBids’s site. They also maintain a generous return policy, allowing winning bidders to return items within 30 days (some exceptions apply). Lastly, you’ll never have to guess about shipping costs, which vary by item. You’ll see them displayed clearly on the auction screens (check under the “Payment Information” area).

Bidder Ratings Of QuiBids

Take a close look through the ratings and reviews below. They have been left by people who have participated in QuiBids’s auctions. Some of these bidders won the items for which they were bidding. Others did not. In either case, their reviews offer insight into QuiBids’s customer support, load time, ease of use, and other important details. We also encourage you to leave your own QuiBids review if you have used the site. Your comments will help others who are looking for advice to get started.

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