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New York, NY
Traffic Volume: High
Cost Per Bid: $0.60
Bid Packs: 100 / 250 / 500 / 1000
Ships To: US/Canada/UK/Australia/New Zeland/Singapore
Support: Email, Online Support
Promos: Use Coupon Code CCJ10 For 10 Free Bids is currently not promoting Bid Here due to the multiple bidder complaints we have been hearing.  Check out to snag the item you are looking for at remarkable savings!

  • Started October 2009
  • High Auction Volume
  • BBB Accredited
  • Fair Auction Guarantee
  • Buy It Now
  • Bid Monkey Auto Bidder Option
  • Cash Back Auctions
  • Speed Auctions
  • Returns Allowed (10 Days From Receipt)
  • Beginner Auctions Available
  • No Win Limits

  • Awesome Product Selection
  • Strong Auction Volume
  • Buy It Now Option (w/ credit for lost bids)
  • Less Competition
  • No Win Limits

  • Currently there are lots of bidder complaints.

Bid Here Is Everything You Want In A Penny Auction Site

Bid Here is one of the later penny auction sites that we tested and it was our loss. Established in October 2009, Bid Here has steadily risen to the top of the penny auction game.

They feature strong auction volume for fast action and have the best assortment of auction items around. Users will find high end electronics, fashion, jewelry and home items around the clock.

Bid Here also features a variety of auction types to keep things interesting and the ever important Buy It Now option to recover the value of lost bids.

Despite the auction volume we’ve found the competition to be fairly low on some of the larger items at Bid Here at non-peak times. Peak hours will typically experience stronger competition as you might expect with a larger site.

There are currently no win limits (we expect this to change soon) right now so jump and get started.

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