Plundr Review

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El Segundo, CA
Traffic Volume: ZERO – Plunder is now out of business it appears.
Cost Per Bid: $0.42 to $0.60
Bid Packs: 125 / 250 / 350
Ships To: US (More Soon)
Support: Email, Phone, Live Chat (Typically immediate 9 to 5 PST)
Promos: Use code “savetoday” for Free Bids (varies on bid pack)

Currently is not promoting the use of Plundr due to their lack of auctions.  Click here to try your hand at!

  • Penny auction style
  • Auctions start with 48 hours on the clock
  • Losing bids can be credit towards a Buy It Now price (low risk)
  • Buy It Now option good for up to 24 hours after auction
  • Shipping typically takes around 5 days
  • Shipping rates vary but cap at $7.99
  • Full refund on auction items within 14 days of receipt in new unwrapped condition

  • Low competition
  • Top Notch Products
  • Low bid costs
  • Excellent customer service
  • Early bird advantage
  • Buy It Now option (low risk)
  • No Win Limits! (For Now)

  • Lower auction volume
  • Larger bid packs (Can be an advantage – See Below)

Plundr appears to have closed their doors in 2011.

Plundr was a gold mine for penny auction fanatics but today they line the halls of the out of business penny auction sites that litter the information super highway. They were once one of the top penny auction sites but today have fallen to the perils of the penny auction business.  If you are looking for a good gold penny auction site where you can buy gold, silver and other precious metals then take a look at our top list page linked above.

It is a newer penny auction site that is using no reserve or bid bots, which is rare.  Plundr offers a Buy It Now option that allows losing bidders the ability to redeem the value of their losing bids towards the Buy It Now price of the item (which is value priced).  This creates a very low risk opportunity especially if you were already prepared to pay retail for the target item. See the gift and holiday shopping potential?

Plundr is going through it’s initial growth phases of customer acquisition.  This is typically a time when the site owners lose money on products to get the user base to a tipping point which is a great opportunity for the consumer.  The difference between Plundr and most other new sites is that they don’t use automated bots to bid auctions up to a reserve price to minimize losses.

The current formula for Plundr is:
Low Volume + Low Risk + Low Competition + No Win Limits + Good Product Selection + Excellent Customer Service = HUGE OPPORTUNITY

We have no doubt Plundr will soon be a top 5 penny auction venue.  If you are not already participating you should grab a bid pack now and get started while the competition is low!

Addressing the  2 Cons:

  1. The auction volume is not as high as bigger sites.  This is common with newer penny auction sites.  We suggest you sign up, target your auctions and be patient.  Sign up for a few of the larger penny auction sites for more action while you wait to pick off your steals at Plundr.
  2. Bid Packs start at higher levels than most penny auction sites.  While many would see this as a drawback we actually like this a lot.  Plundrs bid prices are actually among the lowest in the industry.  If a higher entry bid pack price keeps people from signing up we’re all for it because it is a barrier to entry that leaves us with less competition!

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