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Website: www.Wavee.com
Atlanta, GA
Traffic Volume: Medium (Growing Rapidly)
Cost Per Bid: $0.75
Bid Packs: 25/50/100/300/Custom
Ships To: US
Support: Email, Phone, Live Chat
Promos: Start with 5 Free Bids

Wavee may have been Atlanta based but it ended up being shut down.  PennyAuctionSites.com prefers to play at Quibids.com now!  Try it out yourself today!

  • Beginner Auctions (3 or less wins)
  • Free Shipping
  • Save 5% when buying over 500 bids
  • Bonus Bids for Participation & Promotions
  • Buy It Now/ Bid To Buy
  • Automated Bidding w/ Bid Bot
  • Win Limits: 5 wins per 7 days up to $500/item (2 wins per 7 days over $500/item)

  • Buy It Now / Bid To Buy
  • Free Shipping
  • Still Under The Radar (Less Competition)
  • Lots of Product Variety
  • Good Auction Volume
  • Excellent Promotions

  • Less Volume Than The High Traffic Sites (But Catching Up)

Wavee is becoming a major player but is still under the radar

Wavee is a superb penny auction site with top notch products including high end electronics, popular merchant gift cards, hot video games and luxury house wares. Wavee is very similar to the top player in the space Quibids, but still in a growth phase. While the site doesn’t have the volume of auctions that to highest traffic sites do everything else is on there….especially the deals. Because of the fast growth Wavee is experiencing there will be a lot of opportunities for crazy deals as the site continues to scale.

Watch for times where the activity levels appear to be slower and there are several auctions in the final phases. Monitor the auctions closely and pick your entry points and you will have a good shot at walking away with an absolute steal.

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