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Honest Penny Auction Advice

We strive to put forth quality information, tips, strategies, advice that inform you of what is going on. Penny auctions are a new thing and the vast majority of people still have never heard of them or have only heard of them in passing.

The history of this business is also packed full of horror stories of scam penny auction sites that use scripts and bots (aka shill bidders) to keep auctions going longer than they naturally would. Sites that have never shipped won items and many other frauds to watch out for.

This is why we only list a select few penny auction sites on our website. Sure, we earn commissions and advertising payments from some of the links you will click on or ads you will see but that does not mean we will intentionally mislead anyone about the nature of penny auction sites and what they are getting into.


We aim to become one of the flagship sites in the penny auction industry that is trusted by the bidders for fair and accurate reviews and high quality unique strategy information delivered via posts on the site and through email communications via our newsletter and email strategy courses. If you have not yet signed up, there is a sign up box along the right to get your free beginners strategy guide that gets you well on your way to winning penny auctions! Take a look at our top listed bidding sites on our home page!