BidCactus Affiliate Program

The BidCactus affiliate program can be found just about every major affiliate network in existence. I can count five places to sign up to promote as an affiliate right now. You can find them at CJ, Shareasale and Pepperjam, as well as their direct affiliate program, which offers the highest pay out and biggest CPA’s.

However, unless you sign up directly you are not setting yourself up to earn the top CPA deal offered. Use our link below to get signed up directly and start making $55 CPA’s!

BidCactus Affiliate Program Details

Sign up directly with Bidcactus Affiliate Program Here and earn $55 CPA. This is the highest payout we have seen across any of the affiliate networks. The back end is similar to the other affiliate interfaces that use the “HasOffers” tracking software. The stats seem legit and you can set your account up so you receive an email whenever a lead is made and a commission is earned. The affiliate manager seems responsive and there to help out if you have questions.

Payments are made to you 60 days after a months accrual. Meaning if you accrued $100 in January, you will be paid April 1st or thereabouts. You also must earn at least $250 in order to receive payments. Payments are sent via check automatically when the threshold has been met. *the verbage stating payments are made $60 days after the months accrual is the same as some other penny auction sites we list so it could be the basic text included with the affiliate software all of these sites use or it could be the actual terms.

CPA Requirements – For the $55 CPA, the bidder must purchase at least 150 bids. This is offered at a discounted rate to the bidder for their first purchase of bids only. They can buy 150 bids for $89.99 which is a nice savings off of the initial price and this is the amount you should encourage your bidders to buy.

Promoting Bid Cactus as an Affiliate

Along with the competitive $55 CPA offer from BidCactus, the site makes it easy to promote with a healthy selection of banners, a constantly updating selection of high quality merchandise up for auction and the reputation as the oldest penny auction site in the USA. They are also the only member of the entertainment auction association that is still in business. Their reputation is stellar and the bidders seem to trust The payouts and payments are not as good as a few other programs, like the Happy bids affiliate program which pays out monthly like clockwork and does not require the $250 minimum balance

The sign ups at BidCactus seem to come in spurts. It is not uncommon to see a handful of CPA’s within a 1 or two day span and then a handful of days of complete silence and no conversions to speak of. From the player side, BidCactus offers a lot of coupon codes via email to encourage players to buy bids but personally we think players will be more apt to convert if they see the items they are interested in winning going on auction and closing for extremely low prices.

Conversions are ok so far in our listings of BidCactus. There are other sites that convert better, like Bid Rivals and Happy Bid Day and then there are those that convert worse like RaginBid, NailBidder and Foopile.

Final Bid Cactus Affiliate Program Thoughts

In the current state of online penny auctions, Bid Cactus should certainly be on your to promote list. They are an established site with a solid reputation, competitive CPA’s and accurate tracking with a professional penny auction affiliate program in place and ready to pay you money for your leads.