HappyBidDay Affiliate Program

Happy Bid Day Affiliate Program

Happy Bid Day is one of the best medium sized penny auction sites to promote. They are well liked in the community, have a history with a positive reputation and they deliver won auctions as fast as any penny auction site we list, making for happy bidders who spend money and have an overall positive experience. Something not so easily done in the penny auction world.

HappyBidDay Affiliate Deal – Up to 50% of the purchase price of bids from new referrals. The tracking is solid and updates all day long.

Payment Details – Payments are made by check and are made on the 10th of each month.

Reasons to consider promoting HappyBidDay.com

These guys convert – Since we have been sending traffic to penny auction sites, HappyBidDay has consistently converted as well as any of the other sites. Yes they do not look as flashy, as crisp or as sharp looking as some of the other sites like BidRivals or Beezid but they convert well and seem to retain bidders very well.

They seem fiscally sound – While we are not privvy to any inside information on the financial condition of HappyBidDay, they seem to have figured the penny auction business out with a winning strategy that converts new bidders and keeps existing bidders happy enough to remain active for quite some time. This means that over the long term they should be a good site to promote and develop a long term relationship with that is profitable for both parties and they are actively looking to grow their stable of quality penny auction affiliates.

They have an attentive affiliate manager, Peter F., with a background of being an affiliate. If you have been an affiliate for a while, you understand the need for a responsive and knowledgeable affiliate manager. Their affiliate manager came from being an affiliate himself so he knows what affiliates need, want and provides the tools we need to be successful. Along with the BidRivals affiliate offer, HappyBidDay is one of our favorites!

They are one of the few penny auction sites offering gold and silver on a daily basis – and many bidders love to bid over the long term on things of true value like precious metals. This is just one more reason you should consider promoting Happy Bid Day as an affiliate.

We recommend Happy Bid Day as a great starter site for people who are new to the world of penny auctions. Start promoting them, you will not be sorry!